So what now?


So i have been riding for a month or so had im able to ride , turn , and free mount. I just want to know … what now? what is the next step? what should i learn next. it’s kind of funny i first started to ride i an effort to impress this girl but now … im hooked on riding. i want a challenge but i don’t know where to start.

Any help would be awesome


I would suggest learning to hop. It’s very useful and allows you to learn many other tricks and skills.

Hopping next for sure. Then, when I was where you are now, I started working on wheel walking. Others will probably disagree, but it helped me alot with correction balance.

I’m kinda at the same place your are haha. I can hop now, I’m trying to learn backwards riding, and idling. Try some new mounts too, there fun!

how do you want to ride in the future. hopping is go for everything tho!

Haha, I’m literally right there with you. I can hop fine with either foot in front. I can spin around in a few hops, and I can idle. After this, I dunno! One footed? Wheel-walking, uni-spins? Who knows!? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should play Out the Game. The super beginner game just started again, and we could use more people.

haha thanks

Thank you guys for the tips. I am currently learning to hop on my uni. Though i don’t think this SUN can handle the stress of jumping . Yeah i know its a far from a decent uni but it was what i had.

Im also asking about a decent inexpensive uni that can be used for casual travel as well as some minor tricks such as hoping

What unicycle do you guys recommend?:slight_smile:

I’d suggest a Nimbus unicycle. A Nimbus II would be good for travelling short distances and you could hop as much as you want as long as you don’t hop of anything really high. A Nimbus Touring would be good if you wanted to travel longer distances, and would be fine to hop on flat ground or off of curbs.