so, what is the best possible uni seat?

Heres a question for ya.

Lets say i am on a tight budget

I would like a seat that is moderatly cheap, but also comfy, and is up to the task of unicycling.

What kind? how much $? handle? what kind of handel? For what kind of uni is this seat good for? why?

THanks for the help :slight_smile:


There’s a very good article on uni seats in this months UNI magazine.
And no, I didn’t fall off the crapper whilst reading it. :smiley:

unless you want to spend $500, ge thte nimbus gel seat of UDC.

How much is your crotch worth?

I like all the various forms of KH seats, or their equivalent under various names. Everything else is secondary.

I think that the saddle is a matter of preference…I like the KH seats for Muni cuz their thick and very cushy. But for Trials i also like the KH seats but i mod mine so that thprofile is a lot thinner… however ive just upgraded to a Carbon Fiber Miyata seat which is pretty low profile aswell.

For learning and getting started (I assume you are) Id say that the KH or Velo(both pretty much the same)Unicycle saddle would do just fine. If your LBS deals with norco they will be able to order one for you.


I think my seat is the best for trials… viscount sallde + kh handle is perfect

Misleading thread title.

How did you get the handle too stay on tight? because I really like the viscount for sif but I can’t seam to get the handle on


HAHA, but seriously I like the new Kris Holm Fusion.