So the first week is over! A couple riding questions to?

I went from not being able to get on a unicycle last Sunday to riding basically until my legs get tired, I can also do basic mild turns to avoid cars and such. I have found that balance point that enables you to just ride, now for the questions.

  1. Now that I can ride forward with ease what skill should I focus on next?
  2. How do I free mount? I tried for liek half an hour but couldn.t get it.
  3. How do I land small drops? I was trying to go off a curb yesterday and couldn’t make it without falling.
  4. How do I get over speedbumps? I made it over one just to fall on every other one.


You are at the same stage as I am. I moved from my backyard (grassy and soft) to the driveway (hard and scrapey) yesterday, today I made it all the way around my block, about a quarter mile. As for freemounting I haven’t got it yet either, but I have been trying, and actually got it twice, I think you should just keep trying. I have been having trouble with bumbs and landings as well, but I think with all things practice makes perfect.

practice, practice, practice

and good luck


  1. free mounting/turning
  2. keep trying
  3. lean back
  4. either take the curb at an angle, or push harder to go straight over the top