So my unicycle got ran over by a car.....

… and the saddle got pretty warped. I ride a 20 inch Torker DX, and I was wondering if this saddle

would fit the Torker DX seatpost. I was also wondering if this saddle is worth the $6.00 difference.

I know the description says “Uses the standard seat post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket, first adopted by Schwinn. It is not compatible with Miyata or Torker LX seat posts.” But I wasn’t quite sure if this meant it was compatible with the Torker DX.

I rode a DX last week for the first time and yes it uses that seat :slight_smile:

Bummer about your uni

Yes the seat will fit, and it’s well worth the extra money.

Did you run over the car with our unicycle?
Show it who’s boss.

Haha, it was the family car… My dad ran it over.

I dropped it in the driveway because I was being called inside in a hurry, my dad backed out of the driveway and ran it over.

I’m lucky the damage was only a warped saddle… Or maybe the entire unicycle warped and the seat stayed intact :stuck_out_tongue:

funniest story i’ve ever heard:

a guy gets a new unicycle, assembles it on the driveway, backs the car out of the driveway so he can test it, backs the car straight over his brand new unicycle.

i cant remember who it was but it is such a painful/funny story!