So my new uni needs some loving touches

I just purchased a 20" Nimbus X Freestyle. UDC Link
I got the KH cranks on it since one of the main reasons is for the purchase was me bending and striping crank sets on my old torker. I got the white Promo wall tire, since I loved my blue one on my torker. The first thing coming off the unicycle is that ugly gold badge… I really don’t like the look of it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also picking up New petals, but I don’t Know If I want black or white ones. These are the style petals I’ve had and I really enjoy them.
Lastly, are there any other things I could do to give it some personality? Like colored spoke nipples.

I was origionaly thinking I would get a blue Promo Tire and some blue spoke nipples with the black petals, just to give it some uniqueness and not to be over done. The problem was the blue Promo Tire wasn’t an option and my girlfriend liked the white one. I could proably call and see if I can get the white Promo Tire switched to blue…
What do you guys think? Anything(stickers, paint, bla, bla) that you have seen or liked done to uni’s to give them some personality?

Petals? I’d go for white

sorry I don’t have time for a more serious answer, but for pedals- white looks fabulous but gets dirty. Black is quite common for pedals, but goes well with most colour schemes.

P.S. DUCT TAPE!!! use it!

Haha, I’ve made shoes and a few other things out of duct tape. Good times :slight_smile:

And its not letting me edit my first post… Any way, It’s late and I’ve misused the word petals for pedals 3 times in my post… Please bear with me… :frowning:

I have the same uni you just bought, including the white tire, and love it. The gold emblem is still on it but that may come off soon as I’m just getting into skills where that may get in the way. I also have white pedals as that is “required” by my team to be consistent in presentation.

There isn’t a ton of stuff you can do to pimp it up without replacing parts, like the seat, seat post clamp, pedals, nipples, etc, which starts running into money. For a subtle flare I suggest pinstriping your rim, either with regular pinstriping from your local auto parts store or go online and find a motorcycle parts site that sells rim decals (essentially pinstriping) that are round to fit your rim. The latter option comes in more colors. I did something like that to my trials and it gets a lot of comments:

You handled that better then I would have though I would of gone with red, pink, or purple petals.

I would go with some pedals similar to the Odessey Twisted PC’s, but I don’t freestyle so I really don’t know what you guys like.