So many trials options!!!!!!

I just got my kh05 and it’s sweet.

i’m also getting a trials uni this summer, probably the koxx devil, designed in part by yoggi, is that any good then?

Since you guys are here, I was thinking about getting the onza trials. No one has said anything about it in this thread, so I was hoping that someone would have something to say about that. Anyone? Please?

Yeah the Onza is good, i’ve only ridden the '04 version, although i believe the only difference is the hub/crank set. It is certainly alot lighter than the KH '04, but possibly heavier than the KH '05 as that has an aluminium frame and the Onza doesnt. But then the Onza is alot cheaper and we’re probably only talking a few grams. The hub/cranks are as strong as anything and they’ve solved the keyway slop problem present on the '04 hubs.

Thanks. That is exactly what I needed to hear. Onza it is. :smiley:

Good choice! I’ve got an Onza 20" 04, and thats been stellar since I’ve had it. I’ve just (about 2 hours ago) got a KH/Onza hub off roger, and after comparing it to the 04 hub it seems they’ve done a lot of work on it. Whereas the 04 hub it still (underneath) a modified bike hub, the KH/Onza is designed specifically for Uni, and strength.

So onza or KH 05?