So many trials options!!!!!!

I don’t know what to do. I am getting a new trials unicycle this summer. There are so many options and I don;t know which one to pick. I figured i would come here to help.

Which should I get?

KH 05 $467.00

Yuni 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub $577.00

United 20-inch Trials with Profile hub $555.00

Onza 20-inch Trials Cycle $409.00

Those are really the only ones I thought about, Please help.

Re: So many trials options!!!

I have an 04 KH Trials uni, and like it a lot. That’s my reccomendation.



So yall don’t think profiles would be better??

kh 05, or you can but your parts seperatly, like a kh wheelset(hub cranks set and rim), luna tire, yuni frame(cause they cheap an hold hte width) kh saddle, and a seat post the one with hte cool etches on em making so it doesnt move, some pedals and a tube. comes out to like $360.

I like the aluminum frame on the KH20, the lighter weight is nice for the type of riding I do.

I don’t own a profile hub, but from what I have seen on this forum, the new KH seems comparable in strength.

I can’t find the 20" KH wheelset. Can you send me a link from please?

I like the Profiles because they’re made in North America. I would get that, if you can afford it.

I have a KH05 and I just love it so I would recomend it

I’m pretty sure only carrys the kh 04 24" wheelset. i dont believe they carry the 04 20" wheelset seperatly. Darren can probably hook you up with the kh 20" wheelset


I guess i might go with the KH unicycle. I don’t know still though.

i’ve got a qu-ax splined trials uni . I may not weigh very much, but i do 3ft drops on it almost every day and it’s held up for the last few months. i’d strongly reccommend it.

hope this helps,


The Yuni and United are only that expensive because of the profile hub/crankset… other than that, they’re really not all that good for hard riding. Most people, clearly, prefer the KH unicycles.

Well they dont sell the set anymore, but you can buy a kh hub and crank set $172 and a rim id get an alex $44(i think) and some spokes $12.4 theres a kh wheelset, and a luna tire $22

I guess the KH wins for now…who knows, ill probably change my mind many times this summer until i get the money.

I’d go with the profiles simply due to the lifetime warranty, but for most people (including me), the Kh is plenty.

Potter: The Yuni and united unis with profiles are excellent for hard riding. I don’t see where you got the idea that they weren’t. The deciding factor on a uni is the wheel, and they have great wheels, decent frames, and the rest of the compnenets are fine. I ride a 20" united with a custom profile hub, try-all rim, and cf seat (hmm, not that close to a united w/ profiles after all). I do plenty of hard riding and it hasn’t troubled me at all.

In the end all of the choices you mentioned will be fine. The KH is the easiest since it’ll need no mods, but the anything with profiles and a decent rim will be good.

If you DO end up building your own wheel, you might want to look at teh Try-All rim. It’s a bit more costly but in the end an excellent rim. Not for people who choose to do stupid big drops onto rocks with low tire pressure and without rollouts, but it is 12mm wider than a DX-32 and drilled so it’s also lighter.

Id go with the profile, but i H-A-T-E the frame, it cuts you, bruises you, it bumps you, down right horrible frame!

which, the yuni? I agree. It just doesn’t work for me, I don’t like at all.

Yeah, the Yuni sucks, it kills oyur knees!

It ripped my sixsixones, that’s not cool. It was my brother’s uni, too. I like my KH frame, oh so sweet and sexy.