So Many Damn Newbies!

Dont mis understand me, I fully support everyone who is trying to learn, and I love that they are enjoying unicycling, but the questions are getting repetative.

Before you post a question that you think is probably pretty common (ie. mounting turning,etc…) Try the search feature at
Have fun!
-David Kaplan


If you’re going to quote me in your signature file please use the spell checker first. It looks to me like you used Rhysling’s spell wrecker. That hurts me deeply. Oh … never mind … I think I just got over it.

I thought you liked for new riders to post questions so you can respond:

Shoelaces? Tie them together for greater strength.

Level 5 on a giraffe? Yeah, I wheel walked with stilts.

You usually have some of the funniest responses. I would hate to see you give up any opportunities.

Sorry, I fixed it… I think. By the way, I have that quote tacked up on my bulletin board ever since you wrote it. I am still waiting to find a use for it in an essay of some sort, or when I get into a verbal brawl with my idiot of an AP English teacher.
Yeah, I like the questions, and answering them, but I am in a pissy mood today, and an innocent thread about the sudden increase in the unicycling population turned into a vent for my teenage angst.
-David Kaplan

i feel ya…search people search.

like for instance "Dream Uni"gets 51 hits

Forget that, “how to mount” gets 709 hits! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
-David Kaplan

Hey, David,

Check out the Violent Fems- they’ve got the angst thang down. You might drop them a line, explaining your personal flavor of angst- maybe they’ll put it to music. Until that magical day comes, search the forms for previous complaints about simple questions, so that I might be spared agnst backlash. Take one for the team.

I’v taken the time to search for posts that might cause you angst- you can find them here:

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