So long winter 2008! Who Made Who?

most is filmed with my Glidecam 4000pro (no Smoothshooter) while riding my unicycle. In the woods. On ice and snow.

if it’s not absolutely smooth, i’m riding with only a tripod in my hands, the advantage of being able to shift from hand to hand, and at various heights (including like a hockey stick, camera an inch from the ground, with video to be flipped in post)

Loved it, great work on the chase cam.

loved it: no special stunts just the sheer pleasure of riding.
BooHoo no snow for me this winter … I’ll go and board a train to my native mountains this week-end and hope there is some snow left!

i fall off the uni at 1:49 and manage to keep filming fairly smoothly, all things considered :slight_smile:

that doesn’t look like any fun at all