So Lamed out

I went to visit my family in calgary this weekend and I came home to this (attached picture), looks like someone stomped on it. I have no idea how this happened. I am stoked, no uni, no job, no money for a new uni(college). I think it might have been via one of my roommates drunk friends but obviously no one is going to own up to it.

srry about yur loss. :frowning: and is so stoked sarcasm?.. b/c stoked normally means happy about something wher i come from


i thought so… just didnt know if ppl used it diff in other places.

Boy that sucks! Sorry about that

Is the hub damaged?

Talk about bending like butter haha.

Sorry for your loss.

I am not sure about the hub, the rim is taco’d decently.

Ah, couldn’t tell that from the picture either.

wow, I serisously doubt you could do that kind of damage by stomping on it. The wheel, maybe, but not the hub/cranks…

You can have my 19" Torker DX for the price of shipping… though shipping might be expensive and a duty tax may be slapped on.

sold! PM sent!!

yeah i am not sure exactly what happened to it, all i know is its a shitty thing to come home to. However Brian O revived my faith that there is still awesome people out there.

wow :astonished:

It looks like someone started to drive over it or dropped something REALLY HEAVY on the pedal.

You just got a really strong uni and for cheap :). Beware it’s pretty heavy (oddly heavier than the 24" DX) and the frame is prone to breaking where the neck meets the crown, but then you could have it welded back together or replaced w/ one that won’t break for free by Torker.

The frame is perfectly strong, it broke once before and it was rewelded - its not going to break a second time. People need to stop even mentioning the breakage. Mine broke and like 10 others… out of how many sold? Its a non-issue.

Yay for BrianO !

:slight_smile: Good on you! Heartwarming to see. You are an example to us all.

Did you do that before or after we met? I can’t remember.

I got the impression the breakage was more common than that on the '06 frames :thinking:

Wow. I was actually gonna suggest a community-pitch-in to get you some money. But then I saw this and was like that will work.

thats awesome

It happened before we met, before I even got it actually. Jordan will be the third owner of the uni.

It only seemed like a more common problem because as soon as a picture of it was posted on the forums everyone brought it up when DXs were discussed. People blew it way out of proportion - Skrobo is to thank for that.

make sure you indicate on the package that it is a ‘used’ unicycle, and mark it off as a gift (canucks have that gift option, not sure if you do)

i think customs tax is basically just adding the GST, and if it is used, which it is, there should be no tax added on