So I've been away for a while...

what are the cool new tricks these days?

Welcome back Brian.

The two cool new tricks are the Maxwhip (seat whip done during a hop) and the front flip (now being done, at least by Max, from flat ground). Other than that it’s mostly variants on stuff that’s been done before.

I actually saw the maxwhip through facebook somehow…awesome!
…so is he still the only one doing it, or is everyone doing it now :slight_smile:

I think someone else hit something similar.

Oh, I forgot there’s also been a pretty big move towards brake gliding, especially in MUni contexts. (That’s gliding using the brake for modulation instead of the tire).

Adrien’s forward whip:
(Not sure if available on public though)

(Flips start at 2:21)

Brake gliding/coasting (old video though):

Also there are multiple people above 140cm at High Jump.

140cm over a bar Mark Fabian

1080 sidespin:

Awesome!! :slight_smile:

I hadn’t seen that video, that was so cool! Looks like a lot of fun!