So is Defect coming out tommorow?

I heard the release date was the 31st. Any word if that date is going to be met

No defect tomorrow. Some delay has caused it to come out in october i believe. O well. More anticipation.

I think it was a defect.

I predict an ENDLESS amount of defect jokes when it comes out…

ok that defect joke was funny. hahaha. I didn’t see any coming. lol

-Shaun Johanneson

ya but I saw dat same joke in the 10th post down on this thread weeks ago. I dont thhink anyone picked up on it,was pretty smooth. The cap D made it for Unisex.

Never saw that. Guess there are two of us with a corny sence of humor. It was a liitle too easy. I’ll try harder next time.:smiley: