So... I'mathinking of starting unicycling

So my girlfriend and I are talking about getting unicycles.
But it’s a weird world out there with lots of variations and gizmos, and some of that stuff is expensive… expensive enough to deter me from getting started.

Thankfully, ebay seems like it might have deals.
We’re looking to get something we can start out with (obviously both of us have biked before)… but I was looking at wikipedia and it says the bigger wheel variety can go pretty fast. Which is the idea, since she lives downtown and ultimately we’d kind of like to do it as an alternative to using bikes or driving around town.

So any affordable recommendations from you guys?

By the way… the testosterone/humor/aggression study is what made me get on youtube looking at the unicycle videos. :smiley:

cheap/good value=Nimbus Trials with isis hub and kh cranks-300dollars +/- 10 bucks-probably not availible on ebay

REALLY Cheap/good value=Torker LX-100bucks, on ebay i’ve seen em go for 60

the nimbus is a 19" and the torker is a 20"

nimbus is a splined trials uni and the torker is a cotterles freestyle uni

Do you recommend the 20" range because that’s a good wheel diameter to start with?
I guess I’m asking because I know I’d be sacrificing some top speed later, but then again… if it’s going to make me bust my ass too much starting out, I’d rather go with something that’s going to involve less pain.

I think there have been a few people who have learned to ride on a 29inch wheel, but I’m pretty sure it would be a better idea to buy a smaller wheel and learn to ride before trying to ride a wheel any larger than a 24inch. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help, I can’t really give very good recommendations.

If you are going to be trying to get from point A to B, you will be much happier with a 24". 24" are still very good for learning, alot of us on here learned on a 24" uni.
20" will be better for tricks but is not ideal for riding to far out of your driveway.

Sounds like you guys would do wonderfuly with a couple torker 24s. I can see you holding hands and riding off in the sunset already.

it depends, i have friends that learned on a 12", one who learned on a 24" and one friend that learned on a 29", but 20" is deffinatly the easiest…i wouldsay if your looking for speed get the cheap lx 20" to learn on and then upgrade to a kh 29" or a nimbus 36",

Okay, I’m convinced… 24" is the way to go for us.
A torker 24".
Is there anything else I should know before we both buy one of these:

I noticed on a unicycle store (not ebay) they had an area where you enter your inseam etc… is all that important or is the seat adjustable so I don’t have to worry about it if I get one off of ebay?

Thanks so much for the help guys… It’s really cool that there’s such a happening community to discuss this and help spread this sport.

i second that LX’s are really good beginner unicycles they are what i learned on and all my friend who are trying to learn have them

Tiabin - the 24" Torker LX is a wonderful rig to start out on. 24" is pretty much the most versatile breed of unicycle sizes - decent speed, excellent offroad capabilities (Muni for short), slick street, and even some good trials, with a little more effort. Just don’t mix the LX and the CX up - trust me, I learned on the CX, and I dunno how I didn’t kill myself with that stock seat.

Because your new, you dont even need to be buying a splined setup.

Go on Ebay, or check your LBS, and get two 24" Torker Lx unicycles. These are cheap unicycles, and you can probably get them for below $100.

Both 20" and 24" unicycles are a good size to learn on. Starting with a 20" will make learning tricks easier, like the basics of freestyle, trials, street, and flatland. The 24" can still be used to learn the basics, but because its bigger by a few inches, it make learning some of the stuff a little bit more difficult, and take more effort than doing it on a 20" wheel, though the 24" will allow you to ride faster than the 20".

For right now, start with the basic Torker, learn to ride, and start experimenting. You said traveling will be a good reason to ride, so after you get proficient with the small, basic uni, you may decide you want a bigger uni, with more speed, and then you can buy a 29" or a 36".

You may also end up getting interested in Muni, trials, or street, and end up needing a uni that can take the abuse, you can start looking out for the splined unicycles. I recommend to use 24" for muni, and keep with the 19" wheels if you ever decide to really get into trials, street, or flatland.

Of course, this will all come later when you are more experienced and can pinpoint what styles you want and like to do, and you may end up with having multiple unis, one for each style. PM me if you need any help with anything. Ill be glad to help.

EDIT: About your inseam, just buy the uni with the longest seatpost, then you can cut down to your height. Dont cut too much off or you cant raise it if you ever want to, and dont cut too little off or else you cant lower it without cutting it again, so find a good size that allows for a good seat height, and a few inches of down and up adjustability.

You may have noticed that a good unicycle has a much greater resale value. It looks nearly impossible, judging by eBay, to unload a used Torker CX but a DX will bring a very good percentage of its original cost.

But at a low enough price, a disposable unicycle might be the best option.

I have a Torker LX 24 and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve had it for a few months and now I’m ready to upgrade to 1) Torker DX 20 and/or 2) Torker AX 29 and/or Nimbus 36. None of the Torkers are expensive - but only the CX series would be considered trash.

To summarise from all of the different people trying to tell you something different; the torker LX 24" is the best buy for what you want. The one you linked to on ebay is saying it has a 26" wheel. Due to the fact that i’m not in the USA, i’m not even sure if this exists - so be careful and make sure you get a 24" wheel.

There now should be no other concerns before you buy your unis :stuck_out_tongue:

The purchase has been made!!! Thanks again.

did you get that torker 26" in the link you posted
or a 24"?

That’s a good pick, I learned on a Sun 24" and it was fine, but it’s pretty much a fact that Torker is better than Sun.