So I took out my uni the other day after nearly five years...

and spent all afternoon trying to free mount. I was getting more and more angry that it was hard and I was not at all consistent. I was ready to lose my temper and very disheartened that I couldn’t remember how to even free mount.

I had been at it for a while and took a little break. Then when I went back to it randomly put my other foot on the pedal and got up instantly and rode off. I had spent the entire afternoon trying to free mount with my LEFT foot.

WHY?! I am completely, always have been, always will be, right footed, right handed, right everything… and yet had for some unknown reason spent the entire time trying to mount with the wrong foot (had only just learned to do that when I stopped riding and hadn’t got it down well enough to remember) and hadn’t even noticed. :thinking: :angry:

Anyway, delighted to be on it again! :smiley:

Right on kobold…welcome back…:slight_smile:

Haha, too Right Jojoxie! (PS I see we are in the same country. I am on that island in the north west :slight_smile: )

About this time last year I took mine back out after a 10 year lapse. Stick with it, it’s been beyond rewarding.

Could be worth continuing to try with the left foot now you’ve spent a few hours on it.

I never learnt to mount with my weak foot either and never feel inspired to work on it, however, now you’ve done a few hours with the weak foot it could be an opportunity to get it solid.

Nice to see another Scottish rider :sunglasses:

yeah I have nearly got it so will definitely keep going!

I am in the Western Isles but I’m afraid I am not actually Scottish :stuck_out_tongue: Just a moved English lassie. Been here for nearly 16 years though :slight_smile:

Doesnt matter where your from your here now :slight_smile: … and even better your on a UNI :slight_smile: