So I need a little help here with buying.

I have really, really been wanting a new unicycle. I just can’t really figure out what type and what brand to buy and such!

So…I am going to college next year and want to ride it around campus. I also want to learn to do tricks and do some easy trails. I am still pretty new to this whole unicycle thing though. I really don’t want to spend a ton of money on one. I am thinking around 300 with 350 TOPS!

Any suggestions?

nimbus 24 or 26 sounds good for you.

I kind of wanted to stay around a 20" and found these two…would these be good options? Anything similar?

those are both good but if you are planning on going with the koxx one go to google shopping and under cfg unicycles you will find the same one for about $200 cfg is just an importer of koxx one but are the same unicycles

Thanks! You just saved me a ton of money! Which would you go with?

they are all the same other than paint job I personally like the devil original

oh yah almost forgot if you like the white widow you can get it for $160 on

I think you just became my new favorite person!

Could you get me that link by any chance? I cant seem to find it

Both of those would be pretty slow.

On a 24 you’d be able to do all that stuff decently. A 26 would be faster but harder for tricks and to learn on.

Uni’s are bad at do it alls (unlike a basic mtb). A quiver of unis is the best option.

If I remember correctly there were three sites that were selling Koxx’s REAL cheap but I can only remember one. As expected after several months selection has gon WAY down. You could also get them for a bit more at Wallmart.

sorry i think they went out of stock but heres a link to a little bit upgraded one for a little cheaper it has a koxx one luxury seat and i might be wrong but i think it has better pedals

I got it! The pink one =)I got it from overstock with 20$ off and it was only like 176$ =o. Thank you for all of your help!!

24 or 26 for trails.
20 for tricks
29 or 36 for traveling distances.

Sadly there is no one uni that can do everything reasonably, or enjoyably. But we all love our uni collections.

Like Dane said…

decide what you mostly want to do, buy that one first. A 20 would be good for learning most things, a 24 also would do all that and get you around a bit faster. A 26 or bigger is going to be bad for learning tricks on.

Nimbus 20 trials is a spleen Uni. Go for it.

glad i could help congrats on the new uni