So i just started Side Hopping

so now that I feel much more comfortable with SIF riding, I want to learn how to do the high SIF side hopping that I see all u guys do.

I try doing what is done in the videos like leaning towards the opposite direction of the hand, compressing at an angle, doing a a medium parabolic jump and shooting up, but all to no avail XD

any tips?
I can sif ok when in place but i dont even think ive landed even a semi-successful small side hop.

Thanks guys!

any links to other threads would be cool ( i cant seem to find it o.0) or tips


start learning static, and just consistently practice.

it takes months(really…years) to get a good hop height

so how high can you jump successfully at the moment?

so when im rolling i can jump about 45cm and static about 40cm sit in.
with the seat out, i think i can jump maybe almost foot. not sure because never calculated it but defintely less but not significantly less. ill get a video in the near future but yea.
ill defintely be working on more static hops but i would like to incorporate other side hopping elements too so i can get a better feel on it