So I Guess That Means I Can Uni..

Here is a new video:

Hope you enjoy it!

Fun video…it looked like you might have been hurting yourself a bit on those stair sets…:stuck_out_tongue:

What song was that? I really, REALLY, didn’t like it…they were probably the most awkward lyrics I’ve ever heard…the riding was still fun though.

it was “The General” by Dispatch… it said so in the lyrics… lol
I used it because I wanted to have the music be different from my other vids…
And yes, I will only say that I wasn’t exactly standing high enough off of my seat on the stairs, lol

Cool vid, congrats on learning to ride.

I didn’t just learn how to ride…

Oh, I thought that was new footage.

Well, congrats on knowing how to ride at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was new footage… but I have been riding for a few months… thanks anyway!

A tip on the stairs…just ride straight at them, and ride full speed down them, as if they weren’t there. It helps a lot.

And funny thing, I was just shooting hoops from my uni yesterday, for like the first time!

Nice vid.

Just out of curiosoty can you bunny hop?

Umm… no, any tips on learning?

If availble learn to ride a pogo stick first, then hold on to a wall with your cranks in horisontal and let go and try to pogo then try this wilst riding took me about 2 days to learn. It also helps if you have a handle.

I have a handle and a pogo stick… so I am all set.
I will start this weekend!

Dont learn to hop on pogo stick to be able to hop on a uni.

Thats just gonna give you the reaction of pogo stick motion on a uni, which means your just gonna be bouncing a lot, which looks like craps and isnt good technique.

At first, be on your uni, and think of it like jumping on a pogo stick.

Theres a lot of guides written about jumping, search for them, and dont say you have, cause if you have and havent found anything, your not looking hard enough.

Yeah but then you stop bouncing all the time and start jumping, worked 4 me:)

wow that’s pretty impressive that you can almost ride down a few stairs but you can’t hop yet. Either that’s impressive or i just learned in a really screwy order. I learned to hop up and down each individual stair before i learned to ride straight down them. keep up the good work the next few months of unicycling will be great. and what kind of unicycle is that?

Its a Nimbus Trials… I am just trying everything I see, lol… I am practicing jumping up stairs, but I also like riding down… so, I might be learning it wrong, but I am having fun anyways.

You cant learn it the wrong way. If you learn to ride down stairs, then to jump up and down, theres nothing wrong with that. Or if learn to hop up and down then learn to ride down them, it still doesnt make a difference. Theres no wrong way of learning those things.

Lots of people learn stuff in the lvl 10 section before they even start learning things in the lvl 3 sections.

well ur doing better then i am… been trying to ride for almost 2 years and it wasnt until 2-3 months ago i even tried to do anything but ride the uni… it wasn’t that i didn’t want to learn just found it harder to learn when i had no one to ride with… as of right now i’m learning to grind even tho i can’t ride down stairs… i can get it almost all the time now but keeping my toes from stopping me is a pain… oh and if anyone knows any lil hints to jumping higher can u throw them my way lol…


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