So I did some Muni today, first time.

So today after school was over, well third period (pep rally), I went up to the local trail on the mountain side. The Bruce Trail, and rode my Uni down it :slight_smile:

I can say for sure now I’m getting a 24" Torker DX if I can afford it. Muni is much more fun than trials in my opinion. I only fell once, and took the trail slow, but I can see it will be much more fun when I have a larger wheel to ride over stuff. It’s kind of annoying with such a small wheel, gotta dodge all those little rocks that stick up like 2 inches out of the ground. Same thing with my BMX vs Mountain Bike, the 26" wheel rolls over stuff much easier than the 20" on my BMX.

My other Unicycling friend isn’t home or I’d get him to come with me… :frowning:

Muni is awesome!

I love going down huge steep technical trails. Specially when it gets so steep or the sand/dirt is loose where your sliding most of the time and its just a freaking adrenaline rush until you reach a spot where it isnt so steep.

A bigger wheel is gonna make it a lot better, specially if your riding on a coker doing muni. =p

I went down a steep spot and slid about a foot, it was awesome, I was still pedaling but I could feet the tire sliding.

Yeah, theres two trails that I like to ride and the whole way own is like that. =p

Sounds like I need to move to a place with better downhill trails.