So I did my own custom Paint job!!

So i decided to go ahead and get rid of that standard KH blue on my trials uni. I decided to paint my frame Vermillian Orange. I wanted to do my paint job the right way so I decided to powdercoat the frame. The whole project involved chemically stripping the original blue powdercoat from the frame, preping the bare metal, applying the powdercoat, and finally curing the coat at 400degrees for about 20mins. In total the whole project took me about 3-4hours to complete. Hope you like it. I will probably be posting other powdercoat jobs in the future.
Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
Final product.

Here are some pics of the steps I went through to paint the frame.

Looks great with the orange Twisted PC’s

That’s so awesome. I want to find a custom powdercoated around my area…

I have a hard time telling if it’s orange or red?


Nice! Looks really nice, although I would’ve kept the blue.:slight_smile:

Is that a normal oven?

Yeah the lighting is kinda bad in the photos, but its bright orange. The oven i used was an old oven from a cafe. It used for powdercoat curing only now! lol

Nice J O B.

wow that’s nice! i want to powdercoat mine, and i was starting with removing the paint. I had this paint remover that you just take on, and used it several times, but still it just wont go off completely!

I kind of failed. I just let the paint remover for 1 hour or so and then after several times ended up like this… :thinking: what to do?

Yes! Another one to join the ranks of bright orange unis… great job!

I read that once you powdercoat w/ it you aren’t supposed to ever use it for food again.

I also read you can do it w/ a toaster oven (if getting or storing a full oven is a problem), but I doubt you’d find one big enough for a frame. I think I read that agentQ PC’d his cranks several times w/ a cheap toaster oven.

you gotta keep re-applying the stripper and let it sit for a while. scrap the paint off while its still wet and bubbling. you might want to purchase a powdercoat dissovler as well, its expensive but works wonders.

Yeah you deffinatly shouldnt use it for food after using it to cure paint. Its really tough to get a toaster oven big enough to do frames with.

Jeesh, never heard of sandpaper did you?

Dont tell my wife, but I have been using her pottery kiln to powder coat stuff for awhile now. Albee


i can’t imagine it matters w/ the temps needed for those kilns to work…
and you are cooking the paint into the glaze, not the food, so i would say its justifiable.

k will try it now :stuck_out_tongue: once again, that uni of yours just looks great!

thanks for the replys everybody. i actually powdercoated a KH hub the same color as the frame, just need to build it into a wheel.

great paint job! I wish I had an old oven to do my own work in :slight_smile: (jealous!)