So I cut up the foam in my saddle

…but I haven’t had the chance to ride it yet, since it’s 11:30 PM where I live. Pictures to come, as I upload them to my gallery. They were taken with the closest thing at hand, my phone, so don’t expect great quality. They show what must be shown, though. This took about 20 minutes, maybe 30. It is a 2006 KH Fusion saddle, that I got with my Yuni 29’er. This is an attempt to make it more comfortable. I’ll probably cut more, after I ride it and see how it feels.

I marked the part I planned to cut off using a pen, then went at it. I made another cut between the display of foam and the final picture, to bring down the left side to be even with the right, since my cut was down further on the right.

I don’t have access to real tools beyond wrenches and the like, so I used a small, serrated CutCo knife. It got the job done, if very, very messy. I tried a smooth knife, but it wasn’t sharp enough to cut the foam nicely. The serrated knife at least got through quickly.

The fusion cover was much more difficult to remove and put back on than I anticipated. The part I cut has edges now rather than the roundness the rest of the foam has, and there is a bit if a drop where the cut starts. The fusion cover isn’t as snug, either, obviously due to less foam.

I saved the large peice of foam, in case there’s anything useful I could use it for. Any suggestions?

I would’ve suggested cutting the foam off the bottom of the foam block, so that you could retain the rounded edges…but too late.

What I plan to do with my seats is to cut a wedge of foam off the nose of my old KH freeride saddle and put that foam under the butt of my new KH freeride, since I think the butt padding is too thin on the new KH saddles. So, if you have a new KH freeride, that’s what I’d use the foam piece for.

The foam in the front goes around the seatbase though; if I cut that, then I’ll have either negligible padding or none at all around my seatbase. I actually opened it up again and cut the edges so they aren’t sharp corners but rather two 45 degree angles with a small space of foam between them; I didn’t notice it so I don’t think it will be a problem.

I took it for a short ride, and it seems better, but that was only ~800 meters total. I’ll get to ride more later this week, then I’ll really see.