so i broke my nimbus gel seat what now

so on a 2 foot drop i broke my 6 month old nimbus muni’s seat it had a nimbus gel seat i’m not sure i ready for a cf seat cuz i’m lacking money to spend on random stuff what should i do
this really sucks i’m grumpy

but thank you for your help

you buy a new seat/use an old one, and weld both of the seat stiffeners together.

call me dumb but what stiffeners
thanks a ton

The stiffener is the metal plate inside the seat.It prevents the plastic base from snapping

Just how broken is the seat? Did you snap the plastic of the base?

time to go carbon my friend.

okay question time
the the base for the nimbus gel and the kh fusion diffrent
and where can i buy just the plastic base with out the seat gel cover and grips

and it broke right behind the mount so the back of the seat sags

ok it’s kinda hard to decifer you’re english. I wouldn’t normally say anything but you’re american?

"the the base for the nimbus gel and the kh fusion diffrent " - just doesn’t make sense sell just the base and stiffner plate. But the kh/nimbus/koxx saddles all use the same velo base. So you’re better off getting a carbon base so then it won’t snap again.

sorry about my crap grammer i have alot of problems with it i have a very hard time in school with it

what i wanted to know is where to get the base for the seat (and you got it )
but is there a u.s. store with it so i don’t have to have it shipped from the uk

Strangely enough, the seatbases on my trials and MUni both appear to be perfectly fine but my freestyle has medium-sized cracks down the length of it.

I am not sure that stuff is available

UDC sells seat bumpers. I remember KH writing a while back about not being able to sell the foam separately, because of how it was made in place.

I can’t think of a reason that KH seat covers and bases couldn’t be sold separately, but I don’t know of anywhere in the USA that has them.

Maybe email KH and ask. It never hurts to tell a company what you would like to buy. Customer feed back and all that.:slight_smile: