So I bought a unicycle...

Been lurking on here the last week or so, so here I am! Got my uni last week but haven’t had any time to try riding it until today. Not much success and my taint isn’t that happy, but I was just riding in the hallway anyways trying to get a sense of balance.

what type of uni do u have? and how bigs the wheel?
where did you get it from?
just keep practicing.

I got the Nimbus II 24" with the ISIS hub off Unicycling somehow came up as a topic of conversation at my job and I ended up buying one!

welcome to the forum
just keep practicing it will come to you
nice unicycle, ive got the same one and love it

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Thanks. Unfortunately I won’t have much time to practice for another week since I’m doing a short tour with my band. But I should have plenty of practice time after that in place of my running time (don’t run when sick/extremely tired, hehe).

Hawo friend. :smiley:
1) What’s your bands name???
2) Sweeet!!! good luck with it my friend. :smiley:
3) I’ll keep that in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bands name is Copremesis.

So I wasn’t about to wait until next week to start riding. I had to take my uni outside for the first time! And what better time than midnight! Pretty exhausting. I didn’t have much success except for a couple times when I really felt balanced…until I ate it. The fear of crushing my junk is pretty much gone, so I guess that’ll be my accomplishment for the day! :slight_smile:

success comes in small packages, often covered up in frustration and denial, keep going friend, I am a begginer too, HORAY FOR UNICYCLE’S!