so here it is, frontflip attempt on video...finally


that was a few months ago, but i just got the video today (saw it for the first time yesterday)
make fun of it
do whatever you want

I bet if you hopped a bit higher and went sif you could probaly land it without water being there. I’ll give it a go and post it when I get a hold of a camera.

i was thinking completely differently, don’t do anything stupid. I was thinking that maybe if you did a nice rolling hop, you could probably snap yourself into a flip fairly easily (I’ll try it sometime when i have a situation somewhat similar to the one you just saw)

But you weren’t even close. I don’t mean to offend, haha, Since it’s gutsy anyway. But yeah.

-Shaun Johanneson

OH I can’t wait til I get the camera. I almost got it. When I land I keep rolling backwards. :angry: Oh and I’m doing this off a picnic table.

i know, i had closer attempts, but that was the only one on video. I really want to try it off of a peir, but the lake is so empty right now, I can’t really try it there. Im also not trying it into salt water

… videoo …

Right. :roll_eyes:

i can get like 80% of the rotation and it helps a ton to have your seat to low so you can tuck. and if you have some forward movement you can use to you advantage… but yeah its looking good!!!


show us a video so that we actually believe you, because right now you could just quit posting and that be it, if you got 80% of the rotation you wouldn’t be going backwards you would be falling on your but. (in the video i got about 75% of the rotation.

get a video camera, get a friend(the ground falls in this category) and get a pallet and drill/screwgun and screw the pallet to the picnic table, causing as little damage as possible and video it , but on another note, don’t, we don’t want to mourn the loss of a unicyclist

You only get like a quarter flip with your feet on the pedals then your just kind of flip off of it without the uni.

Who’s going to post the video of you diving head first into the ground? :smiley:

that water was really cold

EDIT: i get 1/2 a flip… i get upside down before it falls apart

I landed one. I was rolling backwards because about halfway through the rotation my crank alighnment went to shit so when I landed they wasn’t horizontal and the uni rolled backwards and I went forwards. You know what would be so cool a front flip with a crank flip.

nice stephen. the people in this thread are what i call ‘shine blockers’ …what i do is wear a big pair of sunglasses (haterblockers) and dont listen to anyone…lol.

I wanna see a vid :slight_smile:

You have seriously inspired me.
Thankyou from my heart followed by a long warm handshake.

So, vid?

I just want to be sure that you know I wsn’t hatin, just being silly. We used to do crazy stuff in my friends pool that had one high wall on it… little did we know back then that people would actually be pulling off the stuff we thought we were so cool pretending we could do into a pool.

If not for pools and foam pits… many cool stunts would not be around today…

By the way, do a uni float when it hits the water? I hanted to try just to jump off this pier at my freinds house into thier lake, but I was afraid that it would sink and I wouldn;t be able to find it.