So Hard To Decide =\

Im looking into the torker dx 06 model, or the qu-ax trials, both 20-inchers

I have already search at all of the results when i use the search feature that everyone loves to tell eachother about :wink: but im still undecided on which is the better buy, im almost to the point to eny-meny-miny-moe it lol

If i could test ride each one to find out which i like better prefrence wise i would, but there no one i know in the spokane area with one, and the shops dont have them either :frowning:

So i hope one of you can tell me if i should go with, im actually leaning more towards the torker cause ill save money but im still not sure if its better, cause from what ive read, ill see alot of ppl going for the torker, on another thread its all for the qu-ax, then on others it says to go with koxx or onzas, but im not rich enough for those lol, any advice will be greatly apreciated =p

i know exactly what positon youre in
but soz the only advice i can give you is go for the quaxx im not sure why but i think ive heard more good things about the quaxx then the torker also with unicycles you definetly get what you pay for:)