So does anyone where arm protection?

Just a query i’ve seen them and considered it just wondering who does and how if affects there riding and stuff, please discuss…

i dont i dont think there is any need to anlessyou realy crasy stuff and scrape yoour arms alot a helmet is much more important

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I wear 661 2x4 forearm/elbow guards. Also 4x4s, dakine under-glove wrist guards, full fingered gloves, padded loose-fit cycling shorts, above-ankle hiking boots, and helmet. None of this added protection seems to interfere with riding, and it’s actually quite comfy to wear.

Having all this stuff on also boosts my confidence so I’m more ikely to try stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t. A pain to put it all on, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! :smiley:

I sometimes wear KH elbow pads. They don’t affect my riding at all, except that they are warm, which isn’t so great on hot days. I mostly wear them when I’m riding on technical, rocky stuff, where I’m likely to fall where it could hurt. Moab, for example.

I wear Roach elbow and forearm armor, and Raceface knee and shin armor, with a helmet made by Specialized Cycles called the Skillet(great name for a helmet if you ask me…but it works well), I also wear 661 ankle guards. it sucks to put it on everytime, but it keeps me protected and boosts my confidence…


I wear the 2x4s when riding muni on rocky terrain, where an injury could be a serious problem (i.e on a remote mountain). They don’t seem to interfer and if you;re going to get thrown down on the rocks alot they’re very useful.

nope. my impacts are always to my knees and wrists. Only like once or twice have I scraped my arms, and scrapes I can definitely deal with. Unless I plan on getting pedal bites on my arms, I see no real point.

I wear leg armor, but none for my arms. I have been thinking about elbow pads though. When I muni, I often smash into trees with my arms. And like someone else said above, if it boosts your confidence level, then it’s helping.

when i first started i bought some lizard skin arm pads for $3. I wore them until i learned to ride, then never used them again. I ride street/trials and i never scraped my elbow that bad. However i wear shin knee pads

When summer comes you’re going to be cooked.

I own a pair of 2x4s but very rarely bother putting them on. They rate as my least useful form of protection (I use helmet, gloves, ankle wraps and leg armour). Arm armour is useful as a confidence booster when attempting stuff I know is very dangerous and probably beyond my capabilities.

In general I find arm injury is far less likely than leg injury. My leg armour probably saves me at least once a ride whereas I have had only one occasion where I wish I had been wearing arm armour.

My one freak arm accident was on a steep hill while riding offroad. I catapulted off the uni and then it landed on top of my arm, with my snafu pedals raking large holes in my arm. I’m not sure whether arm armour would have saved my as the pins connected on the inside of the arm where there is precious little padding on my 2x4s. I bear the scars to this day.


i wear arm armor when i know im going to crash a lot on rocky terrain, like resort riding. I also wear it when ski season gets closer, because an elbow, wrist or shoulder injury would end my season before it started

Shinguards are the most important, then helmets. I don’t wear arm armor, gloves sometimes though. I don’t land on my arms too often, but I do land on my hands. I think they would just get in the way.

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i wear a 4x4 leg, helmet, full finger gloves, cycling shorts

i dont see a need for a arm protection

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I never wear arm armour, mostly because I don’t have any. But even if I did I probably still wouldn’t wear it. I only occasionally scrape my elbows and it probably heels faster than it would take to put all the armour on.

Just my $2. Hehe.

i would if i did muni

I do muni all the time and have no need for arm armor. I have not once scraped my elbows doing muni, then again I have never hit my head and always where a helmet. I just feel that they would get really hot when they aren’t nessacary.

I wear full fingered gloves, that are really light and breathable but have padding on the palm area, 661’s leg armor and an xc mtb helmet.