So didya ever have one of those...

absolutely exhilirating rides where it just seemed like this was the most fun possible and life couldn’t get any better?

Today’s MUni ride was one of those. Somehow, the trail just matched my abilities to a tee – not that I could ride everything – I couldn’t, but I got 90% of it. And the flow, pacing, and terrain changes just hit me perfectly. I can’t wait to go again!! What an absolute blast!

What kind of ride “fits” you best?

Enjoy life, it’s great!


Anything with no up-hills and lots of technical trialsy downs

I think my perfect place would be somewhere with a not too steep downhill that was rocky, rooty and had bits of loose surface to keep me on my toes


Both of my muni rides have been perfect and I know exactly what you mean. I’ve only gone on the two rides but I loved every minute of it. My perfect place to ride would be very hard to find because it’s a combination of a lot of things. It’d be steep, rocky, rutty and technical in one part, then it’d level out a bit and have a little bit of smooth and relaxing singletrack (the whole thing would be singletrack) followed by some northshore sort of stuff with narrow planks and drops and raised rails (or ladders…or flows) to ride along. Then it would finish in a trials park! The first bit would have a lot of different lines that you could take.

Mt. Cootha near where I live has a lot of tracks that are actually quite close to my dream track. I’m really lucky to have it so close to me and I can’t wait to be able to ride some of the steeper and more technical things on there.


I had one of those rides just the other day. It was great. I went to a local trials area (top secret) and just rode. 2hours of amazing riding. I was doing lines that had previously taken me 30mins to do once, First try! And having a blast. Good weather…,. good times. After the ride, i came home and stared at the wall for a half hour with a smile on my face. like this:D it was great!

well, may many more of “those” rides come you way!