So Cal Urban ride anyone?

This is just the beginings, but i am trying to set up a southern california Urban ride, I have no plans yet but i am just trying to find out whos out there and where they are and when would be best for them, so i can work it into peoples scedules. The idea i had was to maybe pick a mile or so long route thrue some parks and streets and just find fun lines and play on them until we get bored and move on, maybe hit up a skate park or something, i dunno, its all up in the air. The riders i know of that could go are Gabe, Cody, Spencer, thats only 3, any other guys out there that wana go for an urban/street/trials ride? Santa clarita could be a place to ride, its got a great skate park, and its heavly populated with benches, tables, rock work, rails and what not. Anyhow, post if you are in so cal and wana ride!


Santa Clarita would be good (cause then i dont have to go anywhere:D ) It should be on a weekend unless its really soon because summer is almost over.

2 riders so far, anyone else?

tell me where and when!!

hi there, i’d be down for an event like this, if only i were more skilled and i had a better uni [currently a torker cx 20" owner]. just a quick question though: what size wheel unis do you all use? i am more interested in the ‘street’ style of riding, as opposed to trials and muni-ing. i’m currently interested in upgrading to the torker dx [which is actually going through a ‘facelift’ according to a rep at, so i’ll have to wait for an unknown amt of time til they come back in stock] which is much more sturdier than the cx i’ve been told [my cx’s wheel is currently becomming warped from all the hopping and dropping practice i’ve done]. so yeah, what size wheel would you recommend? 20" seems like there’s better control/response, while with the 24" you could gain more speed/distance. also, any suggestions to an alternative to the torker dx? preferrably no more expensive than $200. thanks!

Talk to cody on that one, He is Mr. Torker.

Anyone else in so cal? or want to come down? I can change the meet place for people more south/east/west/north

Mister Torker? Just cause I have the Dx 20 and 24in(04) and the Dx 24in (06)…Well as for Kohpee…If your more interseted in street and flatland kind of riding or even trials…Id stick with the 20" yiou can actaully get some speed on a 20 I know I can, jsut ask Evan ;)…So if you plan on urban riding, stick with the 20, if you want to go offraoding and roll over obstacles then up it to a 24…

so no ride? i really want to ride with someone.

Spence is coming over on the 19th, so…we migth be albe to go somewhere not too far away.

The DX is a whale of a lot more uni than the CX. Every square inch of the DX is stronger than the CX. But if your not looking into drops and hopping kinda stuff, it might be a little overkill…but well worth $275.

Ohh I forgot, I also have a 24in Lx :wink:

I bet I have more torkers than you…:stuck_out_tongue:

hm, how many you got?

Without jacking Evans thread, I got: two CXs, an '06 26" LX, an old 24" LX with a CX wheelset that I dont ride, a TX, a 05 20" DX, 05 24" DX, and 06 24" DX.

Not counting my brothers 24" DX.

OK fine you win, but your sponsored by them…

Acctually I’m selling the 24" DX, so I really dont have it anymore.

The 06 or the 05

  1. Its gone.

My 05 is in pieces in my backyard…my 06 is right next to me only ridin but once…