So Cal Ride?


I want to set up a SoCal uni meet/ride with some of you folks, anyone up for a lil get together? i live in ojai, and my dad will only drive me so far. proly max 2 hours away, so, thats a 100 mile radius around ojai, anyone want to come around here and ride? i know a couple chaps that might ride, cody and spence are near by, i know some of the guys in SB might ride, it can be a wahtever ride, muni, trials, street, bc, or just a hangout kinda thing, but im sick and tired of riding by myself, i must ride with someone. anyone up for something like that?


For any of the SB guys to drive up to Ojai you’ve pretty much have to plan out a big Muni ride. Chugging up there just to piddle around on the street wouldn’t make a lot of sense to us. Check out the Grindly Trail–I’d be up for that and could drag a few of the boys along.


Yeah, your proly right, but some of you guys, including you, came down for Rods ride in Van Nuys.

My dad is a avid hiker, he was telling me about this trail from the top of nordof peak, to the ojai valley, its about 7 miles, and its all rocky single track. Would anyone want yo try it? cool thing is you can drive cars to the top, kinda like that trail on the last day of cmw. im going to try it out soon and see wether is looks doable.

Oh, haha, I just remembered you live in venice. Whoops, my bad.

Head 3 hours north and I’m there… I’d drive 5 hours, but not 8.

You guys might have to do what Jess Reigle did–wait till college and enroll at Santa Barbara U. Plenty of folks to ride with most every day.


Well im up for whatev…