So Cal ride Rwanda April 25th

Anyone interested in riding the 10 or 25 or 50 mile Ride for Rwanda this year.
Fun ride - great food and beer after. Start and finish in front of Oakley.

Jeffe, Dave and I were planning to do the 25 on MTB

Works for me - I’ll be there

This sounds fun but I’ve never ridden any of these trails. Are they fire roads or singletrack? Hard or easy? What uni setup would be best, a geared 26"? :slight_smile: I may be up for the 50 mile option…sounds like a good challenge. I’ll include this in the next newsletter and maybe we can get a few more unicyclers to do the 10, 25 or 50.

The trails are a mixture of fire-road and single-track but the degree of difficulty goes up dramatically with distance. The 50 mile ride climbs more than 5,500 ft and takes a good 6 hours on a mtb. I would definitely use the 26G as you want to make it back in time for music and beer.