So. Cal. Anaheim hills area or ?

I will be in So. Cal in Anaheim Hills area the week of November 18th thru the 23rd and will be bringing a couple Uni’s with me and was wondering if any one is up for a little riding, I will be bringing a 24 muni and either a 29er or 36er
Let me know

Come ride with my club! We may have a ride that week!

More than likely I’ll be going for a ride in Alsio Woods & Canyon at least once while you are here. It’s near Laguna Beach, just East inland a bit. Let me know when and if you’d like to meet up and go for a ride. Depends which days I get scheduled to work…

Come to UC Irvine!! Sorry, I don’t have a car to get to wherever you’ll be…

Does the UC Irvine have some good trails? Or some good trials obstacles?

I could possibly pick you up and drop you off.

Mostly trials around the campus…the closest trails that I know of are Aliso Woods.

Mostly I just want company :smiley:

I would totally be up for a trials ride someday soon. Let’s plan something, maybe for next week? Email me at unicycle6869 at and we’ll figure something out.

Jamey, when will you know your work schedule? So far I think I can go anyday.


I work from 11am to 7pm on the 18th so that wouldn’t be a good day and I won’t know what days I work after that until Thursday and I’ll let you know when I find out. What is your skill level, just out of curiosity and to help plan the ride?

Jamey, I rode with you and John Foss in Auburn when you were on your way down to So.Cal

Oh, I remember you then.

Jamey, any word on the work schedule I am heading to So. Cal. this weekend so let me know what days are good for riding.

Bad news, my muni broke last week, a crank broke off. See here. But I do have a 20" I can ride and might be able to borrow one from someone? I work at 3pm on Monday (tomorrow) so I could go on a ride before that. Tuesday I work at 1pm so we’d have to go before that. And Wednesday I work at noon so before that. Thursday (Thanksgiving) I’ll more than likely be busy all day. Friday and Saturday I’m free all day and I might try and plan a group ride somewhere. Let me know what day(s) you want to ride and I’ll figure out something. Feel free to post here, pm me, email me or call me at 612-240-8786.

Jamey, a Friday ride sounds good, I also brought my 36er and have been getting some good riding in on all these hills down here. I will give you a call or I can be reached at 916-257-1278

Sounds good. Let me know a time. This is where we’ll meet: Canyon View Park
Canyon Vistas, Aliso Viejo, CA so you can google it for directions. Once we figure out a time I’ll send out an email to the group to see if anyone else wants to go.

Robert and I went on a ride at Aliso Woods and had a good time. Here’s a shot of Robert right as he’s taking his biggest fall of the day. Luckily he didn’t get hurt!


Take two! He made it this time like a pro!