Snowy and icy ultimate wheel ride

Winter riding in Finland. Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


Oh wow! And I’m happy that I can ride a bit on pavement :slight_smile: Kiitos for the movie.

Fantastic! I wouldn’t have thought you could do that. Great to watch.
Thanks for sharing

I would have said, thats nearly impossible …

Wow, love this place…showing all the impossibles possible :sunglasses:

And you would have been right. I wonder what tire he has on.

In this video 37 mm Schwalbe Marathon Plus. A durable tire but not the best for uw because its side has a pattern that creates lots of friction. Fortunately snow makes the sides more slippery. It felt easier to idle with that tire in snow than in dry conditions.

Thanks for all of your positive comments. Unfortunately my knee needs some rest at the moment, so no riding for a while now…

Thanks, Yksi. I’m considering choices for mine offroad.