Snowturtle JUNIOR

proudly dad :smiley:

good job turtles… i feel tiny with my today snow trip after I’ve seen the film

Awesome stuff Turtle :slight_smile: Your son is following in his father’s … umm footsteps … umm wheel :smiley:

i watched your drops vid as well and,

you have some realllly awesome places to ride. when i see vids like this is the only time i’m kinda sad i live in flatrida(florida lol).

I wish I was this good!

Young’uns… Tsh! :stuck_out_tongue:

This video brings back so many memories!!! the scary part is Noah is riding some of the paths that i was to fearful to ride!!! Well done Noah!

I would move to Snowturtle’s neck of the woods today if i could!

turtles rule:)