Snowshoe, WV Muni Weekend?

I don’t have anything planned, but i wanted to see if and how many riders would want to do this.

Snowshoe has an extremely good bike park. One side of the mountain looks like the North Shore with tons of teeters, bridges, drops and crazy rock gardens. That side is fed by a ski lift. The other side is has really nice long and fast DH runs, which is fed by shuttle. along with the Muni trails, there really are some great trials lines in the village, but don’t come to just do trials.

The main problem I see for this is cost. A pass that gets you both sides of the mountain is $70 for 2 days. A pass to just the freeride side is $25 for a day. Hotel costs change greatly, and i can’t find the summer rates, but as i remember for Spruce Lodge I think it is around $90 a night. Don’t fret though. As summer/spring approaches, Snoeshoe has literally hundreds of weekend package deals.

As for a date, I am thinking sometime in August. this is the really only time thay snoeshoe isn’t really muddy. Super steep sloppy rock gardens and Unis dont mix. I would reccomend a brake, but it isn’t all that needed.

Driving times-
Richmond- 3.5 hrs
D.C.- 5 hrs (that is from in the center of the city)

If only VA riders are interested, Wintergreen might be a better choice, because of distance.

Post if you have interest!

some pics from lat year- this year there will be way more stuff!

That is only a tiny slice of the freeride side.
snowshoe mud-

Remember not everything is really hard.

Some more driving times-
pittsburgh- 4.5 hrs
Charlotte-6 hrs
NYC- 8.5 hrs
LA-37 hrs :smiley:
Philly- 7 hrs

Sorry for all the extra replies, but i found out that spruce lodge, which I said earlier was about $90 is really only about $50. Sorry.

I have family in WV, I would be interested in it if I could get the dates to line up.

Thats pretty close to Virginia tech isnt it?


:frowning: i guess theres just not enough interest… I though snowshoe would be good because it is close to people in PA, VA, and TN

I saw a brochure for the place at Rays. I think the places looks incredible. I, for one, would love to go get a group together to ride there.

On a side note… how far away are the groups of obstacles from each other? I’ve never been to an outdoor MTB park… do you think this is the kind of place where a Rolling Trials competition can be held? (just wondering)

The obacles are fairly saced apart, around maybe no more than 400 feet or less depending on the trail (likely will be ven less this year with more stunts). The main problem is that you would have to do this stuff on a 24 or 26 in muni, because a lot of the stunts have 3-5 foot drops at the end or a steep rollout. This is the kind of place that you muni, then once you reach an stunt, you do a compy. You ride for 5 minutes, do a section, ride for 5 min, do a section, etc. Sadly a coker, would not be the best choice. The 24/26 class would be perfect though.

Andrew, check out Diablo freeride park the site is under construction, but all the riders i know say its as close as you can get to Whistler. Best of all its only about an hour 20 min away from you. Good luck with getting some rolling trials compys goping. hopefully, we can make snowshoe a reality

I’m up for it. August is fine.

24 hours of snowshoe is in June. 2 years ago there was a trials competition while last year there was only a trials demo. If they are doing a comp again, then that would be a good weekend to meet.

Im up for it, if you want to go sometime before summer as well let me know when. I wonder if my 29er would hold up there. We should wait a couple more weeks (till my ankle fully heals), and maybe set up a weekend. If virginia tech is close enough to snowshoe then people are welcome to stay at my apartment, we have two fold out couches and plenty of floor space. Even if no one else can make it before the summer, I would be down for checking it out with you.

I’m in Harrisonburg, so I reckon I’m pretty close.
By August I might even have a muni, and be able to ride a lot better!

I’m interested. Can’t guarantee I’ll be there for sure, but I’m certainly interested.

I’m interested, but gone in 1 Month :frowning: