i filmed last days some clips here: (sry for the shit quality)


leava comment :wink:



was that a side fifth flip :astonished: ?? amazing
and the last flat trick was also very nice and clean :slight_smile:
and I like your way of editing :roll_eyes:

Cool vid Raphi :slight_smile: Nice 540 side spins and side fifthflips :smiley: cool flat combo to:p

Awesome tricks. But I didn’t like the edit.


i got new editing programm but dont know how to use :frowning:

thanks for your comments^^

cool vid. fifthsideflip was awesome:D:D

why it say to me that sorry this video is no longer there??!!

Wich do u use now Raphi? Or is Sony vegas ur new program :stuck_out_tongue:

cool vid. fith side flip is great.
But don’t you have more snow?

Yeah, it says the video no longer exists for me, too. :frowning:

Yeah same :frowning:
So I downloaded it :slight_smile:
fifthsideflip was nice.
That last trick was amazing! Who else can do thoes?

Final Cut Express

Nice vid Raphi :smiley:
i like your edit :stuck_out_tongue:

cool vid. snow sucks huh :wink:

That’s awesome.

Hey Raph!

Nice video and tricks!!!

If you want some help with FCE let me know… I’m using it and it’s awesome!

Keep it Up!

Congrats on the fifthside. That was sweet.

Can you fifthflip normally? I know you can 4thflip to inside roll :stuck_out_tongue: but can you fifth normally?

yeah i think 2-3 weeks ago i could do them very well but now i can do fifthside much better then normal fifthflip :roll_eyes:

thanks for all the comments


great video
what is the name of the song ?

Flipsyde - Someday