Hey guys. I had to make a trip downtown today, so I figured, why not take the KH24? Right? :smiley:

Since it snowed here in St. John’s last night (and a fair bit, I might add), it was really my only option, since everyone knows driving is for wimps.

So off I head, trying to gague the grip I’ve got, and how deep is too deep when I’m riding through a drift, and after about two hours playing around in the stuff, I think I’ve got a fairly good grip on how it works.

Other than the fact that I realize how much I love blasting down slippery trails, whether they be sidewalk or singletrack, today was a total win. I fell off a lot, but I also figured out how to plough through deep drifts to get onto the sidewalk on the other side, and rode down an even bigger set of stairs today. All around, an awesome ride.

I have one question for any of the maintenance nuts here - how often should I rotate my splined cranks, and how much should I worry about snow and salt corroding my parts? I can get a cloth and wipe all the crud out of the bearing holders and stuff, but is that neccessary? It’d be cool to hear some of you guys’ experiences with snow and how the parts take it, since I’m still in the ‘don’t drop it too hard’ phase of ownership with my new kh24.

Cheers, and I hope you guys are making the best of your snow should it be around,

When ever you get salt in your unicycle you want to thoroughly clean it. The salt can corrode the parts leading to rusting which you don’t want. Take the unicycle and wash the parts with some soap and water and then put a little lube back on.

Thanks. I’ll have to make a spot for wiping the thing down at the end of every day. I’ll be picking up some bike grease as well tomorrow.

Dang ive got salt allover my uni its gonna take forever to clean, this sucks:(

I put mine in the shower, first I turn on the shwoer head, then I get a pitcher of water and rinse off the entire thing.

Last year I never washed it off, and a lot of the bolts got corroded and stuff. Also, the frame was almost entirely covered in surface rust. I had to repaint the entire thing this summer.

I’d post pics, but our webserver is down for maintenance :frowning: