Well… Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha nice aww snow (a teer rols doun my check) its janurery and today it was like 11 out :angry:

ya it was 40 here someone nuke fricken china

yoo cool dude, the funny thing about snow is about the falls, it s so random being on one wheel :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried it last week in france as well but there wasn t enough snow except on the ski slopes themselves and guess what? I wasn t allowed to because otherwise i was actually going against the law :frowning: anyway finished by going off pist down in the valley and finishing on the bick track with mud, rocks, crevases, all of course very steep but god was it fun
the forest ur in is really lovely, have fun for the rest of the winter :roll_eyes:

see ya

that looks like a lot of fun. i love unicycling in the snow, if maine actually had any, that’s what i’d be doing now.

Cool video, it looks like you had fun. Snow Muni is a blast. I wish we had some snow here.


Was about the same here.

I feel ya, brother