Has anyone taken their MUni on a ski/snowboard slope? I want to do it cause I have a friend who goes to those places all the time. Any saftey suggestions or special mods to the uni? It just seems like a cool idea. I have another friend whos done it with a bike and then I saw the Kris Holm video so now I’m totally excited about it.

… Just wondering how I’m gonna get it on the lift?..

Hold uni in hands, sit on lift.

(did I sound like Harper? That was my goal!) --chirokid–

We got 6" this weekend in the Peoples Republic of Boulder (not as lucky as the Aspen folks) so Owen and Nate and I went over to the sledding hill for really our first try at riding something like this. It was much more forgiving than street or dirt trail, I was able to do my Volleyball stomach slide, although all the usual stuff like shin and wrist guards were also necessary. Found out that you can do something that feels like a “Hockey Stop”, where you kind of twist the unicycle sideways and it digs into the snow. It feels just like a Hockey stop does on ice skates when I do it. Of course, I ended up on my kiester most to the time but sometimes it was controllable.

I couldn’t make it out onto any big hills, but I had a blast Icycling around the local college campus where they had plowed the sidewalks. I tried to ride through the big piles, jump up or over them, etc. Sometimes I made it, and it was the coolest feeling. Other times, I’d hit the piles and go straight down. Usually, I don’t fall down, just off. But I seem to always go down in the snow. But it was unpacked piles, so although I got cold (and covered), I didn’t get hurt.
I also played on the frozen puddles, but I’m not as brave as I used to be, so I didn’t try hopping or making sharp 90 degree turns on the ice (I used to do all of that without any safety gear, but I don’t heal as fast as I used to…)
What it all comes down to is I love Icycling!

My friend and i went up one day with ours but the guy at the lift wouldnt let us on even though we had seasons passes so we both got our boards and put them on over our shoes and went up like we were gonna ride our boards but we took off the frame and put it in our backpacks so all you could see was the wheel hooked on the back and he was never the wiser. It took us about ten minutes to find a skier free area on the side but boy was it awesome. about a 20-30 minute ride down(its a long ways even for the fastest snowboarders) all the muni you could want riding off logs and stumps and the snow had like half a foot of powder and soft pack below so when we fell it wasnt bad. Rode down twice more and took about 2 and a half hours with a short lunch inbetween. Most places wont let you go up if they are a popular spot so if there is a lower down not as popular resort lower down the road go for them. Oh and just so ya know we just left our boards by the medical hut at the top where there is a bunch of boards and skis so theyr wer fine when we checked them. We are planning to do this again this year too a few more times.

my friend is going to give me ten dollars to go sown the the bumpy things (i thinkk they’re called mogules) woo hoo! I just can’t wait. It stinks that it doesn’t snow much around Westchester, and that even if it did there’s no where to ride in Pelham.

I like the story about the ski lift. That’s great. It would be cool to take the wheel off and put like a snow board on the post and ride down that way. That’d be sick.

Has anyone had any experience riding Muni on cross-country ski trails? We get a fair bit of snow (4 m in a season) and it’s way too deep to ride in the bush unless you ride along the skidoo tracks. This isn’t a great idea because of the difference in speed between skidoo and Muni - it’d be easy to get run over from behind. I was out at the local ski park yesterday and noticed that the part of the trails groomed for skate skiing was hard packed and looked rideable.
Anybody done any riding on snow this way? Any hassles from skiiers or management?


if the trails are groomed for skiing, you’ll get your ass kicked. it will destroy , well, ‘destroy in their eyes’ the trail.

if it’s just a trail that has snow on it that people ski on, it works ok

Snow machine tracks are great to ride on, apart from the snow machines wipping around the corner out of nowhere… make sure you can see the trail ahead and keep your ears open!

Toboggan hills are fun, too - the snow gets packed firm so your tire grips better. It’s amazing how steep a hill you can ride down!

Have fun!