Here is a video I just made:

Music: Thousand Foot Krutch-Broken Wing

how long have you been riding?

The fakie 540 was one of the cleanest i’ve ever seen :slight_smile:

Thats nothing… We haved 15 cm of snow this week xD


hardcore parkour! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am highly tempted to make a hardcore parkour mounting video. Depends on how bored I am when the rain stops…

Crazy progression btw. :slight_smile:

YES YES YES! I could probably do hardcore parkour/uni stuff but I’m really a noob at unicycling.

Make the video fawr teh kittenz. :3

sick riding. your so good.
lol im in canada too yet it was 17 here and sunny (cept now its raining)

It seems you have a new video nearly weekly, and everyone is better then the last. i get excited when i see your posts on the video forum. props man u have so much talent.

Thanks! I’ve been riding almost exactly one year now.

Yeah, it’s already melted. It was surprising because snow doesn’t normally come for another month or so

That would be interesting, and thanks.

Thanks, it wasn’t a lot of snow so I guess it was only where I live.

Thanks, that means a lot to me.

Yeah you’re getting crazy at flatland! Where in Canada do you live?

Solid riding, man. You’re progression is impressive :smiley:


You’re crazy at flatland :smiley:


damn! you’re clean as hell! you like get your prehops over with before you do the spin/flip whateva