Snowdonia Muni

i can’t wait itll the summer holidays! my dad booked us a hol;iday in a bed and breakfast in snowdia so i get to try out a spo of muni! i have a new tyre and seat so mountians here i coome! (lets hope its mountains instead of hospital…:wink: )
any1 else muni in snowdonia/wales?

It is on my list. I’ve been walking there a few time but never munied. There is a ban on cyclying on Mt Snowdon during the summer months but there should be plenty of other places to ride.

Snowdon is closed to riders between 9am and 5pm. There’s nothing stopping you carrying a unicycle up it at 3 or 4 pm and starting riding down at 5pm. It is quite a hard ride though, possibly not a good introduction to muni.

There are lots of good rides round there though, get an ordnance survey map, you can ride your unicycle on anything marked as a bridleway (long dashed line) on the map.

There are some places with specially made offroad bike trails nearby, betws-y-coed and coed-y-brenin forest both do, however again, they’re probably not a good introduction to muni, they’re quite difficult riding in parts and quite long routes.