snowdon...this year?

Well personally we’re not car sharing as we’re coming from the other side of the mountain to everyone else and we have to drive because we’re some distance away. Yes the llanberris is less faff, it’s also bloody boring, and you can’t ride much of it. We did it once and I wouldn’t do it again unless the weather was too atrocious to risk the zigg-zaggs.

I agree. I think it’s less hassle, I know where to go and I would rather like to see if I can ride the bits that I couldn’t last year.

I will go with the majority though, its more fun in a group!

Rock on!

If you’re getting a bus up anyway would it not make sense to dispense with the car-sharing malarkey and just get the bus up there in the morning, finishing where you started in Llanberis?


I like the sound of the Miners Track on the way up, but Phil’s idea about parking makes sense. The last thing we’ll want is to hitch or wait for a bus when we’re tired and shagged out at the end of the ride.

The first bus of the morning leaves Llanberis at 9:15 and gets to Pen y Pass at 9:32.
I suggest we all meet at Llanberis and catch this up.

I was really hoping to go on this ride this year but I took 2 gigs for this weekend so doubt I will be able to make it

Think of me while you are all enjoying the ride.


is anyone actually wanting to do the penmachno?

Jo, Leo and I will be staying at the youth hostel in Llanberis. AJ was going to come with us, but due to work comitments he has had to pull out. So there is a spare bed in the room that we have booked. If anyone would like it, it would be £18 for the night, saturday night only though.

PM me if interested. If there is no interest I will cancel the booking and book 3 beds instead, but I have to pay the deposit, so will have to know by this time tommorow.

Rock on!

Thought it might be of interest, the snowdon webcam, yes in this technological age even mountains have webcams. Still snow in the hollows up top, wrap up warm.

And if you’re an idiot like me I’d like to point out that as they are more or less real time you can’t see anything at night!

There’s a lot of snow up there at the moment. Had some snow on Sunday and again last night. Even the lower hills have snow on at the moment. Winter has returned to North Wales.

Just made a quick packing list, thought it might be useful to someof you guys as a reference. The tools will vary slightly depending on what you’re riding, most importantly a crank wrench if you’re using square tapers.

Shopping List.doc (20 KB)

This is gonna be sweet! I’m so looking forward to it!
I’v got my 18th birthday party the friday before and we’re drivin up saturday
so i might be slightly hungover lol.


What are the final arrangements for Sunday, where is the meet and what time and how are we arranging transport?

i can give 2 ppl a lift in my car to the miners trial from the llanberis carpark where we met last year.

Anyone coming for the penmachno trail tomorrow morning for a 11am start?

could someone plz bring a tool for tightening the crank pulling rings plz
I don’t have the tool for that :frowning: and need to pop the one off my 20" for my 24’s missing one. No time to order a new one.

Did this weekend go ahead then, and if so was it good fun?

Yes it did, me, loosemoose alex and matt in one group, and leo edd and zippy in t’other. We met up during the descent as we got hold up by a blown 29er tube and a snapped brake lever. It was cloudy up top with moderate winds but as good as can be expected, after clogwyn cottage the weather was beautiful and made for some nice riding. The resurfacing of the path is replacing the relatively easy rolling loose gravel and stone mix with rough slabs that were tougher to ride, but still good fun. A couple of the super-tech sections below the half-way cafe have been smoothed out, presumably to ease the passage of the quad that supplies the cafe. This didn’t stop people from bailing spectacularly, including loose finding a small patch of sharp rocks in an otherwise smoothe area, and me getting stuck upside down with my arms stuck underneath me. Fun was had by all.

Any photos of the trip? :slight_smile:

I have some photos of the trip, and some from on the mountain, although I didn’t get many of the actual riding, because I was having too much fun riding to keep stopping to get my camera out!

I have 130 odd pictures that I tried to upload to the gallery last night, but it wasn’t having any of it!

Will post a few when I get home later!

Rock on!

I had a great time, an i think edd did too.
My legs hurt real bad still an its quite hard to walk, lol i just wish i had a brake.


Lol, you will have to get some of the pics from your camera up Leo, I think you got more of the riding than I did.

Have you tried walking down stairs yet? Its painful!

Oh yeah, and that white metro that whizzed passed us, I found out who it was, they are on metropower! Lol!

Rock on!

Ah, so I’m not the only one who’s having problems with it!

Wish I could have been with you, unlike the past four years it’s happened when I haven’t had the chance to attend. Hopefully next time, with plenty of notice and a firm date, I’ll try and come.