Snowdon Ride, UK

More the merrier (snap). It’s likely we will meet at 1.00pm in the carpark opposite the llamberis train station. Will confirm that for definite later on.

Your hardly old!

Thanks for the ego boost and the invitation, in light of the snoring reassurance I may consider the overnight stay after all.

Looking forward to it.:smiley:

When I booked my place at the hostel last night, they only had spaces left in the 8 berth dorm.
So if you want to stay, you’d better be quick.

(I suspect there MAY be some beer drunk at some point in the evening too)

(I suspect there MAY be some beer drunk at some point in the evening too)

Drink of the devil: now if you’re talking(in his best Homer Simpson voice) CIIIIDDDEERRRRRRR, that’s more like it.

My friend Snowblader is up for this too.
Unfortunately he only has a 20" uni.
I was wondering if anyone has a spare 24" he could use to ride down?
He can borrow my KH29 but may find it a litte tricky to use.

Can anyone help out?

Beg Borrow Ste… Buy Second Hand

On the subject of borrowing unis…

I was wondering if anyone coming to the snowdon descent has a 29’’ they wouldn’t mind parting with for a couple of months (or selling). The reason is I am planning to do a distance ride with Craig (wriggy) on a section of the transpennine trail and he has 24’’ and a 29’’ and I only have a 24’’. We could scale down the distance but if we are on the 24’'s I’d rather go and muni :smiley:

Anyway really looking forward to Snowdon - it’s great having these events coming up - it really keeps me motivated to ride and ride some more.



Sorry Sean, None of us have a spare 24".

I’ve got a spare 12" uni he could borrow if he’s feeling hardcore?

Thought not.

Bring / get hold of a trials if you can’t get a 24- loads of people have ridden down snowdon on trials unis (although they do suck compared to a proper muni, they’re better than a freestyle)


Sean, you could borrow my 24" onza but you’d have to divert to and from prestatyn to pick it up and drop it off.

Oh and the seat post would probably be to short for you, unless you’re a shortass like myself.

Thanks for the offer Cathy.
I’ll see if I can get in touch with Snowblader tonight and ask him what he wants to do.
It may just be easier to whip a knobbly tyre on his 20", although it being a learner I’m not sure how robust it is.

I will have to withdraw my offer of the 12" uni. I broke it today.

Aw, I wanted to borrow that for Ride The Lobster.

Just to confirm that this is still going ahead for those that are either coming or interested.

I still haven’t arranged accommodation yet, and I need to get the car MOT’d, taxed and insured before I can definately say we are coming for sure. Might be a case of no monies :frowning:
It will be a shame to miss it as I love the Snowdon ride.

I’m afraid I’m going to be at the World Naked Bike Ride that weekend.

You folk should do Snowdon in the nuddie in solidarity.

I’ll be there for the ride, although I won’t be staying over.
I’ll drive home and probably grab 40 winks in the car at some point on the way home.

$£**&%!s to riding in the nuddie. There’s enough risk of exposure at the top of Snowdon, without actually exposing ourselves.

If you do do it without any clothes on, please don’t post any pics. Ta.

Rode to my new bike shop to get a knobbly bobbly tyre. Looks like a beauty now!! Just a learner, so fingers crossed it’ll last out. Out of interest, who can navigate if worsed comes to worsed? i mean i can, got off pen y fan i near no visability on tuesday, and that was just down grass slope! lol, good laughs. just hopeing there’s a few who can navigate if we need to get maps out! lol
Weather looks to be perty darn gooooood!!!

check it out on saturdays day! no rain for the best part!
Hopefully will see you all on Saturday,

the route is extremley clear, especially as you appear to be doing it the boring way and going up they way you’re coming down, i have been on it many times in near zero visibility with no problems.