Snowdon Ride, UK

Saturday 7th June

As the cycle ban is currently in force from 9.00am to 5.00pm this will mean aiming to get to the summit for 5.00pm and ride down in the sunset.

As this will be a later ride than normal I’d suggest that you are a fairly competent rider as there will be less time to hang around waiting.

Currently we have four riders.

Me and Leo will be there!

Six riders!

My legs have just about forgotten how much pain they were in after we finished last year.

I’m in.

Seven riders.

This year I say we hijack the train at gunpoint.
Or at least with Banksy-style bananas.

right in the middle of finals, won’t be going unfortunately.

Wait, what was that bit again?

I’ll be booking a room at that hotel next to the car park for Saturday night.
I was pretty wiped out last year, and a four hour drive home starting from there at 8pm-ish doesn’t sound like much fun.
Plus they’ll have the bar open.

If anyone else wants to stay, the name of the place is the Royal Victoria Quality Hotel, Snowdonia and they can be contacted on 01286 870253 or visit

How do I know al this information? Because I still have the car park ticket in my car from last year.

Oop, looks like the link is out of date.
(Well, the car park ticket IS a year old!)

Phew. That means I’m out then.

Just realised that I can’t come anyway because we’re doing ‘Party on the Pier’ that weekend (the only juggling convention in Wales and the only convetion to be held on a pier - skate park and ride along the coast for unicyclists).

Love to do this one again; will do my best to come along if i’m not at sea.


As it’s going to be late and a lot of people will be driving long distances I’ve booked into the YHA at

If people were thinking of staying over, join us for a big cook in!

It’s about £17 per person and you will need to call 01286 870 280 with a card.


Are you guys in the dorms?

I think it’s a 4 bed room, which means we get the joy of listening to Steve snore all evening!

We will miss food as we will be getting in for 8.00-9.00 but they have a kitchen so we can rustle up some grub. Craig does a mean curry!

How do you know Steve snores?

Wait, don’t answer that.

apparently he hogs the duvet too

This year I’m also hoping to raise a little money for Oxfam.

If you would like to sponsor me then see

I don’t snore it’s breathing with style.

  1. id lve to go but…
  2. i cant
  3. i will have to ride snowdon one day, i go camping about 30 miles from llamberis (well beddgelert forest)
    4.YOU CANNOT RIDE BETWEEN 9 AND 5!! :astonished: no fair:(

it’s a volutary ban, and is only in affect over the summer, from september to easter you can ride it whenever you like, which is why i always go just after xmas or at easter.

Tis true, we missed the boat this year :slight_smile:

Is there space for an old un?
I would really like to do this although I won’t stay but will drive back home the same day(night).

The more the merrier.

And are you sure you can’t stay?
I hear Steve’s snoring isn’t that bad.

But I have been reliably informed that the hostel is reinforcing the roof even as we speak.