Snowdon I

Forecast issued Tuesday, 04 November 2003

Hill Fog and Strong Winds.

Dry and bright to start off though rather misty in places. Becoming cloudier through the day with the chance of some light and patchy rain in the west through the day. The cloud will lower enough to give widespread hill fog into the afternoon.
Generally pretty good but poor in the mist and hill fog.
Cloud base
Cloud bases will start above the summits for the most part but will gradually lower to around 300 to 400 metres through the day giving widespread hill fog.
Wind and temperature at 900m
At 900 metres the temperature will range between plus 5 and plus 9 Celsius with 40 to 50 mph southerly winds.
Freezing level
The freezing level will remain well above the summits all day.

Outlook for Wednesday
Dry and bright with some patchy low cloud giving hill fog at times.

Outlook for Thursday
Mostly dry and bright with patchy hill fog.

Mark and others, I am not ready to go this weekend but if the wind keeps low it is looking good for those who are ready.


He’s obsessed!:smiley:
looks alright


Forecast issued Thursday, 06 November 2003

Hill fog.

A cloudy start with low cloud covering the peaks and thick enough in a few places to give patchy drizzle. All parts of the park will become dry with the cloud lifting and breaking at times through the morning but during the afternoon the cloud will become well broken allowing some sunny spells to develop.
Although low cloud will give hill fog and patchy drizzle at first this morning visibility will generally become good at low levels with 15 to 20 km possible. Hill fog will develop on some slopes through the day as patchy cloud forms below the summit possibly allowing the highest peaks to protrude above the cloud this afternoon.
Cloud base
Cloud bases will be fairly low on the southeastern side of the park at first, generally around 200 to 400 metres, while on the northern side bases will be closer to 600 metres but tops will be around 800 metres. Cloud bases will become broken this morning perhaps giving some good clearance for a time before cloud reforms on the southeastern slopes in the afternoon between 300 and 800 meters leaving the peaks and northern slopes in the clear.
Wind and temperature at 900m
South becoming southeast 20 to 25 mph perhaps some gusts 40 mph for first few hours of the day but generally decreasing for the afternoon. Temperatures plus 8 degrees.
Freezing level
Well above the summit.

Outlook for Friday
Generally a fine day with only small amounts of cloud but a fresh southeasterly breeze. Some low cloud in the morning but this should clear quickly.

Outlook for Saturday
A dry generally fine day with variable amounts of cloud and fresh southeasterly winds.

Outlook for Saturday