Snowdon 22nd November (Being Filmed)

Chris Dobbie informs me that Carlton TV in Nottingham are making a series of programmes called Daredevils, which includes the likes of skydiving, wing-walking and zorbing, and they want to do a piece on unicycling. The programme will be focussing on Chris & Co. in Rugby and what they get up to in the wider world of unicycling. Carlton TV are very keen to include the Snowdon trip as the main event. They want to film and interview Chris up on the mountain, along with any other participants who may be willing to take part.

As it stands we will be setting off from the car park at 10am on the Saturday morning, weather permitting. I must stress that this ride is dependent on good weather and so you’ll have to be flexible as far as the day we go. If the weather’s not so good then we’ll be, hopefully, using the Sunday as a fall back. A desision will be made on the Wed/Thur before as to which, if any, day it will be. We will be meeting up in Llanberis, at the Snowdon mountain railway station car park. You will find this to the left, and behind the station. It’s a pay & display car park.

If you would like to come along then please bare in mind that this is a long hard ride with possibly some extreme weather conditions higher up the mountain. You must be competent at riding off-road, be very fit, and come with suitable cold/wet weather gear, aswell as your normal body armour! It will take between 2 1/2 and 3 hours just to walk/ride up. As far as I know the cafe at the summit will be closed, so no chance of a hot drink/meal in there this time. The cafe half way up will be open though.

If you would like to come along on this absolutely fabulous muni ride, then please reply to this thread, adding your name to the list.

Chris & Sam Dobbie
Roger Davies
Steve Colligan
Mark Wiggins
Des & Gemma
Toby Lewis

Any quiries, then please ask.

You really know how to sell an event - cold, wet, hard work and miserable… but great fun! How much do you know about this program they’re making? There’s quite a difference between a 3 minute slot in a regional show or half an hour on nationwide TV (oh, the fame!). I guess that the camera crew will be walking? Maybe they’ll have to be more fit than the unicyclists.

  • Sam (Who likes the sound of getting to muni on TV, but doubts he can make it :))

Hi Sam,

Not sure whether it’s a whole 1/2 hour, or just a few minutes - Chris would be the one to ask. I’ll try and find out.

The ride ‘is’ hard work, but well worth the effort.


Me and Robin Are definetely going, we go to the same club as chris and sam dobbie so are well informed of the event.

i think the show is only being shown regionally in the midlands (this is why us midlanders are going to be featured) me and robin may be doing some trials for the show as well, i know not of any other trials unicyclists in the midlands so i guess we are the best candidates!:D. i dont know how long the show is going to be, hopefully a full half hour or at least 15 minutes (half the show, sharing with another sport).

i think the cameras are going to be filming at the dobbie’s house as well!!

i’m not sure about the regionality of the broadcast though (might just be in the midlands) we’ll have to wait for confirmation from chris about that.


You will definitely have to tape it and post it on the web, really looking forward to seeing it.

absolutely! i’ve got a tv card for my PC so hopefully i’ll be able to capture it onto my computer. the file will be huge so i might have to get a v large hard drive or borrow one or something. if i cant do that i’ll get someone to upload it PC for me.


If you have a fastish computer (prolly about 800Mhz+) have a look at VirtualDub… it can compress video on the fly, so it doesn’t take much space. I use a WinTV card and virtualdub to record stuff off the telly without needing a roomful of hard drives.


sounds good but unfornunately my computer is quite old (450mhz) and notoriously slow for its speed. my TV card is also WinTV but i got it off my bro for free for uploading videos, which never happened so its redundant at the min and i have no experience with it at all.

that option is probably not going to happen using my computer so i might be able to switch my tv card into someone elses comp so i can record the show there.

thanks, iain

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

If it’s Saturday 22nd we (myself and my son) should be there and I’ll post when I know for sure but we can’t make Sunday, hope the weather is good to us for Saturday :slight_smile:

I’ve got the gear to record the show and I can DivX it then upload it as long as I know when it will be shown.

Cheers, Gary

Slightly North of you (Notts) there are several :stuck_out_tongue: Not me though.

just found out that the show will be half an hour long, shared with two other sports so the unicycling will probably be about 10 minutes of airtime.

see y’all there:p


I hope to be, but a still slightly uncertain.
I would guess if the weather looked not bad we would not go down at all but we shall see, but stick me down:D

Three confirmed for Sat 22nd, myself, my son and his mate.

The current weather forcast looks like showers but Saturday should be better than Sunday (we can’t make Sunday).

Cheers, Gary

The medium-term forecast does not look good for the weekend, (unless things change the outlook is warm, wet and windy)
but here is today’s.

Forecast issued Tuesday, 18 November 2003

Hill fog. Strong winds over summits and ridges. Significant wind chill.

It will be a mild and breezy day. There will be widespread low cloud and hill fog across the Park, with drizzle effecting most parts, but especially windward coasts and slopes.
The visibility will be very poor on most slopes due to the extensive hill fog, and at best moderate to the east in any shelter.
Cloud base
Extensive layers of cloud can be expected with bases down to 100 metres giving widespread hill fog. Leeward slopes will have bases higher at 300 metres.
Wind and temperature at 900m
The wind will be west to southwesterly 40 to 45 mph, with gusts possible to 60 mph. Temperatures of 7 or 8 Celsius. There will be a significant wind chill.
Freezing level
The freezing level will be well above the summits throughout.

I can’t wait!!

i dont think the weather looks too bad really, wind of 8-10mph isnt all that bad compared to the 60mph ghusts :astonished:

and the temperature should be above 6 degrees C which is ok i think??


It’s all go for Saturday. The Met Office forecast for Snowdon on Saturday is cloudy, but no rain and no wind. Obviousy this could still change though.

There’ll be at least 15 of us, plus the film crew! For the ones that can make it I must stress that we will have to start making our way up from the car park at 10am latest.

Don’t foget to bring the things I mentioned at the start of this thread.

See you all there Saturday.


I may be looking at the wrong Met Office Site (
but mine says:

“Outlook for Saturday
Largely cloud with periods of rain throughout the day with extensive hill fog developing in the rain.” :angry: :frowning:


Hi Simon,

I’m looking at the Met office web page on Snowdon, and not Snowdonia.


“I’m looking at the Met office web page on Snowdon, and not Snowdonia”

Hmm…so the Met Office thinks the weather on Snowdon is going to be better than the surrounding National Park…
nope, I am not convinced that is going to happen too often.

However, I very much hope you get lucky and it stays fine for you.