Snowcat rims...

After doing a search through here looking for a W-i-d-e 26" rim/Magura brake combo that would be friendly to my ears, I thought I’d try those Snowcat rims (44MM wide, braking surface, not welded). I just got off the phone with a mechanic from a shop in Alaska that carries them. In his own words, “They are a single walled rim that would not hold up well to that type of abuse.” Looks like my search continues for a rim, hopefully the Avro angle will pan out…

Alex makes a 26" DX32 <>. It has an optional machined braking surface. It’s not as wide as the Snowcat or the Avro Zum Eliminator, but it’s still wide enough for muni. But wider is better and I can understand your quest for the widest rim you can find. <> has the 26" DX32 with machined sidewalls.

There are more options for 26" rims than 24" rims so you ought to be able to find something. I have the Avro Zum Eliminator on my 24x3 muni and it’s a nice rim. The Avro Zum has an inside width of 38mm and an outside width of 44mm. It is very stable when side hopping up a hill. There is very minimal tire foldover.

The Snow Cats are designed to be light weight and used on snow (of course!) with very wide, very low pressure (8 psi) tires for maximum flotation and no impact. sell the Halo Combat. Not quite as wide, but it is double section. Click here

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have an Alex DX32 and was not impressed by its quality.  Something about seeing through the pinned joint doesnt appeal to me.  Halo is still a candidate but with conversions and duties, its cost is between 90 and 100 USD.  Not to mention, I waited two weeks for customs to xray a rim rapped in bubble rap.  I would of thought that when racing across the middle of nowhere, you'd want a completely bombproof rim.

I agree, I don’t like the pinned joint in the Alex DX32. It would be much better if it was welded or at least pinned better.

Planet-X makes a rim that is very similar to the Alex DX32. It looks like it might be using the same extrusion. I don’t know if they pin the joint together better than Alex. It would be worth checking out. Unreal Cycles and WebCyclery both have the 26" BMF rim listed in their catalog. I don’t know if they are in stock. I called up Unreal Cycles to ask about the 36 spoke 24" BMF and it was out of stock and they weren’t getting any more in.

Unreal Cycles also carries the Halo rims.

Another possible option is the Azonic Momentum DH rim. I don’t know if it’s a 24" or 26" and their site doesn’t say a whole lot about it, but it does look like it would be worth checking out.
Azonic USA
Momentum DH
The Azonic site shows it as a wheelset, but it’s available as a rim only too.

Good luck on your quest.

been there,had that,sent it back,got a Sun Doouple w-i-d-e

                                                                                                                                                                                                Quests end.  I contacted my LBS and got the scoop on the Momentum rim.  The rim alone is $130 (ouch).  Thanks for the find, I'll let you know on the quality when it comes in....

That should be a good rim. The price of the rim is a bit crazy. The price for a complete bike wheel isn’t too bad, but they really put a premium on the rim only option.

Do post a review of the rim. I couldn’t find any informative reviews of the rim on the web. Stats like the inside width, weight, construction, etc. would also be good. And pictures.

Re: Snowcat rims…

The Planet-X rim is (i think) just an Alex DX32 with different stickers.