Snowboard Pants?

Does anyone use snowboard pants for riding in the cold weather? I need to get something other than what I use to ride in the colder weather.

No, I think they would be too wide for me as they usually fit over large boots.

I use winter cycling tights over long thermal underwear.

Agreed. Thin layers are the way to go I think.

Layors IMO

I haven’t tested them on uni as it is still to warm, but recently I bought cross country skiing trousers. They are not that warm as snowboard ones and what is more important they are tighter. I used them on the bike this week and it was pretty comfortable and they even survived the rainy days.

My legs have stayed warm just out of their own movement so far… Just wearing my usual combat pants (Though I have some waterproof/thermal winter pants for when it’s chucking it down) Then again, how cold do your winters get?

Mid 20s f all winter

It varies much here, but most of the winter it is between 0c (28.4f) and -10c (14f) with occasional -15c (5f) and usually one coldest week when it happens to go down below -20c (-4f).

The snowboard pants were a thought. I usually will not ride below 20-25 deg F. I still work up a sweat riding in colder temperatures. I guess I’m looking for an alternative to the chinos with thin long underwear. The cross crountry trousers seem to be worth a try. Please let me know how they work out on the Uni. Christmas and my birthday are coming up next month. They can be a good gift.

I don’t know if I have exactly this model but I’ve got some Nashbar padded winter bib tights that have been very nice below freezing at 20+ mph on a bike. They’re slim and have good freedom of motion. For running, without the wind speed, basic spandex tights are usually enough, sometimes nylon track pants especially if it’s rainy.

This is my first try at unicycling through a winter, but this afternoon I was out for an hour in 40°F and a steady cold rain with just my usual cotton hiking shorts and Vans on the lower half. I had three layers on top (long-sleeve cycling jersey, fleece, thin nylon jacket) and wore an un-vented bmx helmet. I kept a good sweat going and never felt a chill. As others have said, legs often keep themselves warm.

Any sort of breathable softshell pant would be a good choice. Snowboard pants usually aren’t very breathable and would be too hot IMHO. I don’t think you need something too form fitting as there is no chainring for your pants to get caught on like on a bike, but you don’t want something so loose fitting that they could get caught in your pedals or between the wheel and the frame. Something with a bit of room allows you to put on long underwear underneath them for colder days too. If it’s hovering around freezing I would just use a waterproof, breathable shell over a light pant (gortex or gortex like fabric), as softshell pants usually aren’t completely waterproof. The main thing is to make sure your outer layer breaks the wind and can breath.

I use them! Only when there is a lot of snow, I’m doing Muni and I plan a lot of upds… They are a lot more water-resistant than my regular long pants!
And sometimes I use also snoowboard boots too! At the beginning it seems impossible cause the total lack of sensibility of the foot, but it works!

I always ride snowboard pants in the snow, but mostly because if I fall out of the trails, I fall in at least 30cm on deep snow haha! It’s big, but it’s not too big. There are snow pants that are not as bulky as other and that’s not what I have.

I thought abouy using thin layers instead of the big snow pants but it’s just easier to use 2 layers instead of a whole bunch. Plus I need something to cover my boots so the snow doesn’t go in!

Also, temperature doesn’t make me stop, I rode at -37c last year.

Interesting, I’d never thought of that

For those who don’t know, that is about -30 to -35 Fahrenheit.

I just realized that it is a second time I used my country skiing trousers on my uni. I don’t think about them during the ride so I assume they are comfortable. Nothing is sticking too much out to get catched into uni and leg bottoms have velcro straps so they can fit tight around the ankle, which is even more important on a bike, but also safer on an uni.
Me riding in these pants:

and this are this kind of pants:

Since we are on the subject of cold-weather riding, the California coast is actually seeing some “cold” weather. The only time I can ride is in the mornings when it is 30 (o) F. My legs stay pretty warm with leggings, G-form guards, and jeans, but my lungs HURT! Anyone have suggestions on how to cover your mouth and nose without looking like a bandit or ninja?