It’s december mounth and much snow. Sweden is not the best place right now to unicycling in, it’s cold, ice and that annoying snow, but you haft to do the best with what you have.

visit. !


You forgot to mention it’s dark! I went to Sweden in November (1983). At 3:30 in the afternoon, it was already night.

Stay warm! Check my winter site if you’ve never seen it (it’s old, like the rest of my site):

Yeah right…

okey, i know it’s really dark this time of year.

why want you come back to Sweden next year on the summer ?

Yeah i will check it out.


Well, winter has hit with a vengance here on Northern Ontario. We have about a foot of snow, after today’s dumping.

Last night I went out unicycling at -18 C and still managed to return sweating! I know -18 isn’t THAT cold, but we’re still getting wound up here :slight_smile:

Also, for those of you who ride in snow, do you often get asked “Isn’t it too slippery?” or the like? Well, I came up with (what I think) is a clever answer: “No, this thing is all-wheel drive” :sunglasses:

Looking forward to more winter riding; bring it on…

okey cool, yeah but i just say, no that’s the best answer =)

i really hate winter unicycling, i want summer now!


Summer, spring, and fall is when I ride trials around here.
Winter is when I MUni. MUni in the snow is sooo much fun!! Anyone who hasn’t tried it, should.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a car to get to any good trails, so I have to ride to them… Meaning that I don’t get to ride as much as I’d like to…

The bad thing about MUNI in the winter here in Norway is that there are no trails. There are only ski trails, and the skiers get really angry if I ride there. And parts of the winter it is just ice, and I would think that riding muni on bare bumpy ice would be quite difficult.

Rusty, Norway

Man, I want snow. Here in central IL, it hit 50 degress F yesterday. So no snow for a while.

yeah, by the way, do you got msn rusty ?



Rusty, Norway

Im adding you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first unicycle ride in some serious snow here in Denver. We’ve been kind of bogged down in some cold weather and the streets around my house have been icy for a week and a half. Today it had thawed enough that I could take the uni out. Much of my ride was still over packed snow and I began to feel pretty comfortable on it. Ice was a sketchy issue for me, though.


Okey i will add you.


We’ve got a nice mix of snow and ice here, not too much yet… Just tossed a chain on the uni today… so far no probs! I don’t know if it’s helping, but at the very least it ain’t hurting :slight_smile:

the snow makes your mind blow out, i’m sick and tired of this shit…