Snow unicycling

I was just riding in the snow and thought it was funny to have the ppl in the cars laughing at me. So I thought it would be fun to see all the exciting stuff the uni riders do in the snow and who all still rides in it. Its my fav time of the year to ride.

I don’t need snow to have people in cars laughing at me. :slight_smile:

This will be my first Winter since I learned to ride, so, of course, I’m going to have to try riding in the snow. If we get any to speak of here in Tennessee.

Are we talking about active snowfall or just snow on the ground here? Is the difference important? I might be worried about motorists being able to see me.

I like riding when its falling but it does get hard to see where ur going. The first time I did ride on the snow It was powder and I new the area I was riding so I new when the bumps were. I hope u have as much fun as I do in the snow.

Isn’t it very hard to ride in the snow?
I mean it should be probably very slippery…

I was wondering myself if it is possible to ride down the slopes of a ski site with a standard Kenda 2.5" width Muni tire.
How crazy should I be to try and ride my QX 26" in such conditions?
In other words how risky is that - both to me and for my QX Uni :slight_smile:

What I had in mind is this ski site we have in Israel called mount Hermon:


The forecast here calls for something frozen on Sunday. It’s hard to take that too seriously since it’s 75° outside right now which is a lot stranger than snow in December. But I’ll be out to try my first snow (or sleet or freezing rain) unicycling if we get any. I’m definitely going out riding this afternoon.

It is slipery in the snow but its fun
NowThe ski slope sounds dangerous but so is off roading just all depends on if ur willing to try it

It is slipery in the snow but its fun
NowThe ski slope sounds dangerous but so is off roading just all depends on if ur willing to try it

I don’t remember which thread it was in, but about a month ago someone (knoxuni?) asked about that. He was most concerned about his unicycle sliding too far down the hill when he fell, and being hard to recover or hitting someone else. He was looking for ideas for a way of attaching it to himself by a tether that wouldn’t interfere with riding. I can see that being an issue, but I’d think that you also don’t want it so short that your unicycle chases you as you’re trying to avoid falling on it.

Good luck! Try the green circle first, leave the black diamond for later. :slight_smile:

With all wheel drive, it’s better than a bike. :wink:

I learned to ride my unicycle when I lived in the lower peninsula of Michigan when i was young, Got my 1st uni for christmas and it was a crappy cycle pro with a seat that tore up every pair of pants i owned, it eventually disintegrated like the next 5 unis I came across mostly at garage sales and flea markets. Once someone gave me a old rusty schwinn even. I have fond memories of riding in the ruts from cars on a 2 inch wide tire, long before I ever heard of muni.

I haven’t lived in a state with snow since 1994, last 2 states being california and currently south carolina, but I did enjoy the fact that there was way less cars driving when there was snow so I could mess around in the street without being bothered most of the time, and the looks people would give me were pretty priceless.

I started my Muni from snow riding. It was so fun that I was out each weekend.
And some reminders from winter
two years ago:
last year:

I’ve been snowriding for a few years now, I’ve been spotted a few weeks ago and ended up on Facebook, on the page “Meanwhile in Canada”. Now at 4700 likes on the picture, and I have no idea who took the picture!

Its snowing here.mtmpted to get an oregon. Those things must rock in the snow.

Get out on your Oracle. It is a lot of fun riding in the snow. I just finished a 10 mile 36er muni snow ride at Black Hill park. It was great.

Lol, some of the comments on that were great.

Also, I’ve gotta love the fact that you were unicycling in the snow wearing shorts.

Yes … yes they do rock in the snow. I rode my Oregon on the Seneca Greenway trail and then sidewalks/streets through my neighborhood. I am very impressed with the Nate tire. It’s amazing. I think all my other unicycles may get lonely from lack of use.

Haha yeah, I also like that everyone is trying to figure out where it is. It was hot that day, it was probably just like -5C. I rode my fatty (26x4") at the end of that day in untouched snow, about 8 inches of snow. It was just amazing.

My setups are 29x2.35 studded for commuting, and 26x4" for snow shoe trails or everything that is not on road! :slight_smile:

Is this anyone here?

You’ll need a really fat tire to ride down a ski hill. Unless the snow is really packed down the unicycle tire will just sink in and it’ll stop. All your weight is consentrated over a small contact patch. I tried on a skate ski track and I didn’t get anywhere.

Thanks for the input.

So, would 2.5" width tire do the trick (Muni QX)?