Snow Unicycling outside Cambridge, UK

Taking advantage of what’s sure to be one of the very few days of snow this year, myself and my uni buddy Alan went out to explore a bridleway near the village of Coton. The bridleway in question runs right along the border of a military firing range danger zone - safe, so long as you stick to the path and don’t stray into the restricted area. Most of this area isn’t actually firing range, but it’s there as a buffer between the actual range and the general public, so we made sure to keep off it. It’s nice open countryside, but the trail is quite churned up by the odd 4x4, bikes, feet, rain, etc so it was sometimes a bit of a tricky ride. There were certainly some instances (shown in my gallery) of myself falling / wobbling in impressive fashion.

I uploaded some photos and vids to my snow uni gallery - some of them are pretty nice, so I may have them blown up and printed.

It was jolly good fun though, I only hope we don’t have to wait so long before the next batch of snow!


Happy memories from university days of asking the officer in charge of the boy soldiers at that shooting range if he’d mind stopping firing while we walked over the footpath in front of the targets :slight_smile:

He was very nice about it.