Snow Unicycling Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussing all things related to unicycling in the snow. Your favourite type of riding to do in the snow, your setup and winter proofing, you name it.

Personally I like to ride around the neighborhood and do a little bit of muni in a small forest. Snow trials is a lot of fun too. I just ride my normal unicycles with knobby tires and then dry them out in the bath tub after my ride.

So, all of you people who live in snowy countries and aren’t afraid to brave the elements, share your opinions and ideas!

i ride street in the snow :stuck_out_tongue: which hurts sometimes if theres just enough to make you slip. but i your idea of snow trials. id like to try it sometime if the snow would ev er stay :frowning: we ve been getting the worst weather this winter

I love unicycling in the snow… but I have a problem
2 years ago (was it 3 years? I don’t remember) I rode my muni in the snow but after the ride my Gazzaloddi which I inflated with a low pressure was dead!
And I had to change it: a friend (“bouin-bouin” on this forum) suggested that I instead use high pressure; so now I am using high pressure …
your advice, experience about this?

Snowy trails are a hoot! It’s snowing now, but I don’t know that it’ll get deep enough to be worthwhile taking out the Oregon, but when it does I’ll head out to the trails and do some downhill :slight_smile:

I like snow riding because falls are more like a slip and slide vs a suddent stop.

Narrower tire with higher pressure with cut through snow better than a fat tire.

I really like to ride in 15 to 50cm of fresh snow that hasn’t been taken away from the streets yet.

I LOVE the snow. its so much cooler.

I love snow but hate how it is cold. I wish it melted into nothing instead of cold water.
It probably would go straight to steam where i live :roll_eyes:

I enjoy snow riding almost as I enjoy riding during the summer. I mostly ride Muni and street. Last year I was able to ride Trials too in the snow, but this year we got rain, then it became ice and now it’s covered by snow, so there’s ice everywhere! What I like about snow is that I can try pretty much anything too big and the snow should be able to help the landing of that huge drop or crazy steep hill :stuck_out_tongue:

I only ride my 24" in the snow. I have a KH frame, 3" Gazzaloddi at max PSI (which is only 29), 137mm cranks (which I ride all year long).

I commute by uni year-round.

Yeah, the gazz is great in cold(ish) weather.

I had studs(aka short pointy machine screws) in mine for a short while, but they only really help on that smooth polished ice and usually when I hit that it’s only a small patch and I can skid the 6 inches or so without UPDing fairly easily. I don’t think I’ll ever put the studs back in unless I have to ride on a skating rink or something. They’re too cumbersome.

Unicycling in the snow is awesome :slight_smile:

Maybe your rim was chewing away at the tire and you didn’t notice due to the mushiness of the snow? (Ha ha, “mushiness” is included in Firefox’s spell-checker!)

Unless there’s too much snow. Then it’s like, “Where’s the trail?”

I guess Arizonans would call that a “flash drought”.

As was your video. Style points for the dismount!! :slight_smile:

Reminds of my first winters in unicycling, where we would bash into rows of plowed snow with our 24" Schwinns, until we busted through and could continue riding on the other side. Watch out when you come back the next day–those same rows might be rock hard with ice! :astonished:

I bought my first unicycle on a snowy day in February (I already knew how to ride). It got wet on its first day…

a trail I “rode” on last winter

I should have used skis.

I alos bought my first unicycle in the winter. Learnt to ride in the winter, and generally do more long rides in the winter.

Riding a trail on calm crisp winter night is sort of a zen thing.

It is fun to ride in the snow, but it is often too much snow here in Norway so if there is not already a trail there it is only possible to ride in steep downhills (at least for me). And most of the trails in the forest is prepared for cross-country skiing and not allowed for biking/walking/unicycling. But there are some trails that are fun, but the number of trails are a lot more limited in the winter here.

The only prob with with winter riding I have is the slush and the salt… I kinda prefer colder days so it’s not wet out (-4F (-20C) here, and I’m going riding in a bit ;))

Unihopper, where in Canada are you?

I just tried to ride downhill through 70cm - 100cm of snow and I can tell you, it’s not possible at all… not so much fun :roll_eyes:

apparently that was something different: thicker parts of the tyre , just got wearing out thinner parts. (the snow was not that “mushy”). strange on a gazz.
in the end: it looked like thicker parts wanted to leave the tyre (which was completely twisted)

Mr. Bear, I am not sure I understand what you are saying, would it be possible to post a picture of the damage done to the tire?

I used a Gazz for years at low pressures in the winter and I feel that the only wear on it is from rides in the summer.

Until recently the Gazz was the best winter tire I had ever used. (now I prefer Larry on a wide rim)

I tried to do something similar today, maybe a foot of snow but I was on a 20" trials cycle. I was hampered by a crust of ice maybe 4 inches under the surface of the powder. I just couldn’t cut through it. Tried to take video of it, but the batteries in my camera couldn’t handle the cold…

Check this thread!

Last Year I had a lot of Snow

Here are some Vids from a Tour in the “Wienerwald” Vienna, Austria
It was last winter and I had a really good day in the snow.
This Season everything is still green.
Wienerwald (Translated by Google)